Gator Hoops: What should the Gators expect from Auburn on Saturday?


Kevin Brockway interviews sports writer James Crepea for insight into the Tigers.


  1. The team I have seen playing in the last few games can’t get out of their own way. They cannot defend the 3, have no inside game and take wild shots to the point where they can’t even hit a layup. Air-balls from 10′ – they are now an awful team that any NIT team could whip. This is coming from a die-hard Gator. Sad to see.

  2. Florida has players that can and have competed at the national level, even Billy D. couldn’t bring in 5 star players after back-to-back championships, that’s because Florida is and always will be a football school. When a recruit goes to Rupp Arena or the Dean Dome or the KFC Yum Center in Louisville, they compare those facilities to what Florida has to offer, and it isn’t even close. The O Dome, even after the multi-million dollar renovations, is still just a small 13,000 seat venue that is hard to sell to a big time recruit. Mike White could never get hired at a big time program, they wouldn’t have him, he would be gone from Kentucky if he did there what he is doing in Gainesville. He’s about as good a hire as Florida can expect to find. He’ll continue to bring in 3-4 star caliber players, and a few decent grad transfers. We can expect Florida to occasionally make a push towards the Final Four, but inconsistency and frustration is and will be the norm of Florida basketball for years to come.

    • Two-star or five-star, it makes no difference!

      White can’t coach, can’t make adjustments, doesn’t use his bench properly and he’s just a laid-back drip that lacks motivational skills. That isn’t changing!

      O’Dome seats 10,000+ b t w and many good coaches… many would love to be HC here!
      Florida is easily a top 15-20 program but not with an overmatched Mike White. Hell, his daddy can get him a desk job on Duke’s campus.

  3. yes, horrible coach who got florida to the elite eight last year with no center and an offense that just couldn’t make a free throw let alone an open basket. problem is not just white. a lot of this is on the players. i remember white calling it “hero ball”. this team jacks up so many desperate, no hope, airball three-pointers it’s ridiculous. i’d rather have white at this point than any of the pay for play coaches that you can read about at espn, especially pearl. not that pearl isn’t a good coach, but he has no business at the collegiate level. he was an offender at wisconsin green bay, tennessee, auburn – literally everywhere he’s coached. when you look at the schools that have play for pay players, it reads off like florida’s schedule this year, duke, alabama, kentucky, lsu, auburn, etc. can’t believe the lack of perspective on this one from people who claim to be gators.

  4. “That isn’t Sean Miller’s voice on those (phone) calls that the NCAA intercepted! My client, Mr. Miller, believes that it could have been an impersonator. It was not Mr. Miller so it had to be someone whose voice was eerily similar to that of my client, Mr. Miller. Once all the facts are presented, we trust that Sean Miller will be completely exonerated. We look forward to court proceedings.” — Arizona basketball coach, Sean Miller’s attorney, Samuel J. Asswipe

  5. I’m wondering where those fans are that said we couldn’t beat Auburn if our lives depended on it. White is a great coach. Can’t start bagging on a guy for a few losing streaks. He’s a wonderful dude and a great coach.