SEC commissioner Sankey issues statement on FBI cbk probe



SEC commissioner Greg Sankey released an official statement on Wednesday regarding federal charges leveled by the FBI involving fraud and corruption among college assistant basketball coaches, shoe companies and schools.

“The allegations announced by federal authorities on Tuesday are disturbing and, if true, reveal alarming activities within the sport of basketball,” Sankey said. “The depth of the problem remains to be seen but clearly there is indication of behavior that must be corrected for the health of basketball and the integrity of college athletics.

“The alleged activities are detrimental to the sport, are unfair to the many individuals who do it the right way and undermine the trust of the fans who support their programs. I find encouragement, however, in the federal government’s willingness to utilize the powerful tools at its unique disposal to hold responsible parties accountable.”

Two of the indictments involve SEC programs. Auburn assistant coach Chuck Person was arrested for allegedly attempted to solicit bribe payments from financial advisors to induce student-athletes to represent them. Oklahoma State assistant coach Lamont Evans, a former South Carolina assistant, allegedly accepted $22,000 to steer athletes to both South Carolina and Oklahoma State.