Billy D available to White


A few weeks ago, new Florida coach Mike White said that Billy Donovan has been accessible for questions as he’s gone through the transition to replace the icon coach.

Donovan said he’s more than willing to help White, but doesn’t want to overstep his bounds.

“I think for, when you invest 19 years of your life, you want to see the program do well and you want to see the players do well,” Donovan said Friday morning following the Oklahoma City Thunder’s shoot-around to face the Orlando Magic. “I’ve never tried to overstep my bounds with Mike, I’ve just made myself available with Mike as he comes in an adjusts to maybe a different level of recruiting, than what he was accustomed to, he deals with the SEC which, I think he’s familiar with because he’s played in.

“And then, I think as he adjusts to Florida, he’s coming into a new administration, new people, who do you use the resources that are there, developing those relationships that are there at Florida, that I think are willing to help him. ”

Donovan, going through his own transition in his first year as an NBA coach with the Thunder, said that most of his conversations with White occurred over the summer into September.

” I don’t want to overstep my bounds,” Donovan said. “I just told Mike, I’m available if you ever want to call and talk about anything.”