Florida non-conference schedule taking shape


Florida’s 2013-14 non-conference men’s basketball schedule is beginning to take shape.

The Gators will play at Wisconsin to conclude a home-and-home series, and will play Kansas at the O’Connell Center on Dec. 10 as part of the initial SEC-Big 12 challenge next season.

In addition, according to CBSSports.com’s Jeff Goodman, Florida will face Memphis in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Sqaure Garden in New York City on Dec. 17.

Florida also will host Richmond and Florida State and play in a round-robin event that will include games against Middle Tennessee State, Arkansas Little-Rock, North Florida and Southern.

I’m told that the Gators are trying to line up another road game against a major conference opponent. In addition, the Gators could add a marquee opponent at the Orange Bowl Classic in Sunrise. It should add up to a non-conference schedule as challenging as 2012-13, which helped lift UF to a Southeastern Conference regular season title and No. 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Update: More dates and games were released by UF’s school website on Friday, including a game Dec. 2 at UConn, Nov. 25 at Jacksonville and Dec. 29 vs. Savannah State. Florida’s game against rival FSU will take place Nov. 29 at the O’Dome, the Friday night before the Saturday football game.




    • Have talked to Larranaga about this. It’s a two-way street. Tough for both to get together on dates, locations considering expanded SEC, ACC skeds. To me it would make sense if they rotated one game in Orlando every year (Citrus Classic) and one game in Sunrise (Orange Bowl Classic). But there’s a lot that goes into scheduling. Hope that clarifies your comment or answers your question.

  1. Love the non-conference scheduling. Good experience for the team and good games for the fans. Also love how Miami fans find time to trash the Gators when they haven’t had even a taste of the success UF has had in b-ball.

  2. At least we’ll get to see the Gators spank the Canes in football, of course having two ACC teams on our football schedule can’t possibly help our RPI, but then our usual SEC schedule makes up the difference.

  3. Too bad the Gator football team can’t schedule at least ONE out of conference road game against a top ranked team like the basketball team does every year, when was the last time Florida played outside the state of Florida against a non SEC team worth a damn?

  4. You’re obviously not a Gator fan, Kevin. The old “never plays an out-of-state, non-conference road game” gibberish is about as misleading as it can possibly be considering the schedule the gators already play. Why not give credit to teh gators for playing the most difficult schedule in college football?

  5. Jeff, the question still stands. Florida has not played a regular season non-conference opponent outside the state of Florida in a LONG time, meanwhile, Alabama, LSU, FSU, Georgia,Michigan and many other top ranked programs routinely schedule out-of-conference road games. Alabama most recently against Penn St. and Michigan, FSU had home and home games against Oklahoma, LSU plays in Dallas against TCU this fall and Georgia opens on the road at Clemson.

  6. Kevin: The implication from your question is that traveling a long distance for a game is beneficial to our fans or players. It is not. I prefer going to the game to watching one on TV. Schools like Southern Cal travel because they have to — there are no nearby big-time programs outside of the PAC 10. Schools like Penn State do it because they want to avoid rivalry games with Pitt; Texas A&M will too now that the UT avoids them. FSU’s schedule is so weak in conference that the have to beef it up out-of-conference. You might not realize this but the states of Louisiana and Alabama offer no other out-of-conference big-time programs in-state. These unfortunate schools are isolated in that respect – and embarrassingly, LSU’s coach complains about a rivalry game in-conference with Florida. The real question is why these programs do not step up their game and establish some annual regional non-conference rivalries.

  7. last true non conf road game UF football outside state borders – was the spanking Syracuse put on UF back in 1991 – game opened on a 100+ KO return and they never looked back.

  8. Kevin Patrick, the reason teams like Alabama and LSU and Tennesse, etc schedule games with those non-conference teams is because they don’t have an annual home and home with an in-state BCS power like Florida State. They HAVE to schedule games with somebody if they don’t want their OOC not to look like a joke. Now, if you liked, Florida could drop FSU and just schedule a new home and home every two years with other teams if you felt like it made them look just as good as lsu and tennessee, etc.
    Generally, playing FSU every year is tougher than an occasional matchup with penn st or va tech.
    The other reason UF has not played a team out of state in awhile is because UF has a unique situation where there are THREE other BCS teams in state that want to play the Gators anytime they can in Miami, South Florida and FSU. So UF schedules Miami and South Florida when they can on top of FSU every year and the brutal gauntlet of the SEC schedule. Take a look at Ohio State’s schedule…who is gonna beat them? It’s cake.

  9. The B-Ball non-conference schedule has really gotten better in the past 4-5 years. After the National Championships it was really soft. We missed the tournament due to bad play and soft schedule. Since Slive told the teams to beef it up, we really have played a good non-conference schedule.

    @Hurricane Moe, The Hurricanes barely warranted us playing them with their poor play the past 10 years. We are playing in 2013 and looking forward to more season of it. In the mean time, get your own backyard in order before you go climbing our fence. Y’all can’t even make a showing in the ACC. Come On Man!

  10. Instead of playing Toledo or some other patsy, how about a home and home series with Charlie Strong’s Louisville Cardinals, or Urban Myers Buckeyes? You gotta step up to the plate and play a worthy opponent EARLY once in awhile, like everyone else is doing.
    Kudos to Groundhoggator for the painful Syracuse reminder.

  11. That 1991 Florida team did lose early at Syracuse, but rebounded to run off a string of victories, including wins against top five ranked Tennessee and Florida State – the same FSU that beat Syracuse 46-14 that same year. I think it’s only smart for teams hoping to win a national championship to choose their early season schedule wisely. And most teams don’t have non-conference teams in their state like Florida State and Miami to contend with. Before we go scheduling against teams like the ‘Cuse, I’d match rather see us figure out a way to play Miami every year again. Which team is better? I’d guess Miami has won more national titles than Syracuse.

  12. This has been rehashed a million times – with the GA game in Jacksonville – only way to have 7 home games is to have a couple of lesser opponents that do not require a home and home. So if the athletic association occasionally wants to schedule a home and home with our current schedule – then we will have a year with only 6 home games which hits the bottom line. Or we can take the earlier suggestion and get rid of the FSU home and home – or go home and home with UGA. At the end of the day we have a top 5 schedule EVERY YEAR. Go complain elsewhere.

  13. That’s funny man, one good season in their entire history of B-Ball (though you choked in the tourney) and we’re afraid of U? If I was a UM fan I’d be afraid of playing us at home and having more Gator fans there than Canes, you know, just like in football bro. STFU!

  14. Kevin, “You gotta step up to the plate and play a worthy opponent EARLY once in awhile” UF played South Florida and Miami in the last few years, and they have Miami, EARLY, again this season, which means two BCS non conference foes, which is more than most teams. I wish UF could play in the Big Ten or ACC every year and the whole conference season would be patsies.

  15. For all the morons that keep saying the Gators don’t play a tough OOC schedule don’t know college football. Year after year UF plays one of the toughest schedules in the country. BTW, I recall the Gators playing AT TEXAS A&M (yes, I know they are SEC) EARLY ON THE SCHEDULE last year AND beating them AND JOHNNY FOOTBALL. END OF STORY!

  16. Hey Kevin Patrick,

    Don’t you know it’s about money? UF is one of the only schools in the country that makes a profit every year. Why would you take away a home game for the sake of going on the road and making no revenue? Additionally, UF plays in the premier conference in college football. No need to pander to everyone else. UF (and the rest of the SEC elites) schedules who they want, when they want them.

    Dollars make common sense…

  17. Kevin, The Gators play 8 SEC games plus FSU every year along with Georgia in Jax. They play LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and FSU every year. Almost every sportscaster agreed that Florida played the toughest schedule in the country last year which they pretty much do every year. Anyone who doesn’t think Florida schedules a tough schedule every year is either biased or ignorant. And this year the Gators are also playing Miami. The SEC is by far the best football conference in the country and easily has the most difficult teams from top to bottom. And you’re whining because they aren’t playing a tough out of state team when they are playing 8 SEC teams and FSU and Miami! When those other teams you mentioned play the same difficulty of schedule the Gators do year in and year out you might have a point, but they don’t. To latch on to the fact that their tough out of conference teams are from the same state really is an ignorant argument.