Young defends ESPN’s Broussard


Florida junior center Patric Young has never been afraid to speak his mind or express himself during his college basketball career.

A Telecommunications major and two-time SEC scholar athlete of the year, Young writes a blog during the offseason. He’s active on Twitter (well, he did shut down his account to focus on the NCAA Tournament in March, but that’s understandable).

So Young was quick to come to the defense of ESPN NBA reporter/analyst Chris Broussard for his views on Jason Collins, an NBA center who announced his sexuality on Monday to become the first openly-gay athlete in major professional sports. Broussard, a devout Christian, called homosexuality a sin during an ESPN episode of “Outside the Lines”

“There was nothing Chris Broussard said that I did not disagree with,” Young tweeted. “I would be really upset if he gets punished.”

That sparked a debate on Twitter. A follower asked Young if he was OK with homosexuals playing professional sports: “Yes, of course”, Young responded.

Later, Young tweeted: “Just know we all have to answer to the man upstairs one day. I have no intentions to offend but know there is no condemnation if you accept.”

For background, Young is heavily involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Last summer, Young, teammate Will Yeguete and Florida football player Trey Burton were part of a missionary group that traveled to the Ivory Coast in West Africa, providing food and aid to needy citizens.

Basketball has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to diversity. There are more minorities in the front offices and coaching ranks of the NBA than any other major American professional sport. In the Southeastern Conference, more than half (eight) of the 14 men’s head basketball coaches this past season were minorities, more than any other BCS Conference.

But Young has a right to express his views on the topic. Debate and dissenting opinions, however popular or unpopular, are part of what makes America free. Young isn’t saying he wouldn’t accept a gay player on his team, just that he doesn’t agree with his lifestyle. To quote Voltaire: “I may not agree with what you say, but defend with my life your right to say it.”

I’m sure Joakim Noah would have a different take on the subject. But that’s another story for another day.



  1. See this is what I be talking about…if you want to be gay then that’s on you…you shouldn’t be hated on because of that and etc, but don’t tell me or expect me to agree with that lifestyle…I’m glad Young voiced his opinion about this truthfully…and to be EXACT it is a SIN, but so is a lot of other things too.

  2. Collins should be commended.
    It is very, very likely his announcement will help someone else struggling with a similar decision, and allow them some measure of comfort.

    Kevin, It’s no different then people touting their religion and wearing it on their sleeve. I don’t care about anyone’s sexuality or religion as neither one impacts me.

    Larry, please point to one time the media was “all over him” for being a Christian. You can’t, because it didn’t ever happen.

    Broussard and Young have the right to say what they want.

    However, I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to say who is and who is not a sinner.

    Selective interpretation of the bible at it’s best….

  3. Chris Broussard had no hate in his words. He only stated he doesn’t condone homosexuality. I am of the same mold as Mr. Broussard. If someone chooses to live their life in a way that I don’t, that is their choice. But, don’t ask me to sign off on it if I don’t agree because I won’t. Neither did Chris, nor Patric and I commend them for it. Funny thing is…lets wait and see how much “tolerance” they are shown for not being all giddy about Collins’ announcement.

  4. Broussard’s comments were that of a bigot, plain and simple. I was disappointed to to hear Patrick Young defend him but one doesn’t expect much from religious folks who live their lives judging others.

    By the way Gators79 Free Speech entails saying whatever you want without fear of governmental prosecution for said speech. It does not entitle you to say whatever you want your company’s television station.

  5. Is it just me? “There is nothing….I did not disagree with”. This convoluted sentence says, I think, after much repeating it to myself and trying to unravel all the negatives, that he didn’t agree with anything Broussard said. Or did it not?

  6. no one in the world has the right to approve or disapprove of anyone’s freaking anything… your religion is way less real than scientific evidence telling us that being gay is not a choice… no one has the right to condemn any one for anything that hurts no one or no thing… the end enjoy flaming me

  7. @g8rphan – It happened numerous times on espy. Brady Quinn attacked his faith, Merril Hodge attacked his faith, and others. You must not have watched ESPN the last 2 years.

    Selective interpretation? What a joke. It takes selective interpretation to say that homosexuality is not a sin.

  8. No one is saying they’re perfect… I respect Broussard for saying that having sex out of marriage is a sin too. That is socially accepted now adays but he still stood by his beliefs and said that. We’ve all sinned but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to live according to the Bible. I don’t judge anyone but just because we don’t agree with something doesn’t mean someone is judging. I have gay family members and I still love them and support them but they know that I don’t support that aspect of their life. If a friend was on drugs, I would still support my friend but I just wouldn’t support his choice to do drugs. We don’t have to agree with everything 100% to still love them… We’re supposed to love everyone but we can still disagree on topics.

  9. Good for Patrick for expressing his free speech rights. Tebow gets hammered by the left wing media for expressing his faith and everyone cheers for this over the hill BB player. Who cares what someone’s sexuality is anyway? But if someone feels they have to announce to the world that they are gay, then it is anyone’s right to oppose or defend them. That is what you get when you enter the public arena. All he did was insure that David Stern would guarantee that a team would pick him up on their roster.

  10. You’re right on it Jared—this guy must have been on another planet for the past few yrs. ESPN has been all over TT, plus all the Liberal media clowns! TT has done nothing to deserve the treatment he has received. If he had been a wife beater, dopehead, alcoholic, he would have been welcomed to the NFL —period!!!

  11. You are absolutely correct Jared; Tebow is an outcast not because of his talent, but because of his outspokeness about his faith. The spread offense is in vogue with RG3, Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick, while they have the greatest spread QB of all time in college out of work. People in Denver were all over Manning until his superior talent got them booted out of the playoffs in the 1st round, now many are wishing they still had Tim.

  12. Telling a lie, stealing, rape, murder, homosexuality- without Jesus any one of them will send you to hell… for ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God… In case you’re wondering, ALL means ALL, that’s all ALL means…