Walker “making progress” academically


Incoming 2013 Florida signee Chris Walker is “making progress” academically, according to his his high school basketball coach.

Holmes County coach Poe White said he can’t divulge specifics of Walker’s academics due to student privacy issues.

“I can just tell you it’s been a work in progress and he’s making progress,” White said.

Rumblings have surfaced that the 6-foot-10 Walker, a McDonald’s All-American from Bonifay, may be in jeopardy of qualifying to play at UF as a freshman. Asked about Walker’s status last week, Florida coach Billy Donovan said:  “All those guys right now, you always worry about until they graduate, clearing house, all of those things. So you know until those guys finish their senior year of high school, we’re never going to ever know until they get actually qualified and cleared. I think in looking at our incoming freshmen, certainly they are in the right courses, taking the right classes and doing all of that stuff, but I think that stuff will end up playing itself out whenever he graduates.”

Walker and 6-foot-1 point guard Kasey Hill, another McDonald’s All-American, present the dynamic duo that compose UF’s 2013 class. It’s the first time since 2007 that Florida has landed two McDonald’s All Americans in the same freshman class (Nick Calathes, Jai Lucas).

Both Walker and Hill played over the weekend at the Jordan Brand Classic in Brooklyn. Hill finished with 12 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals, while Walker had 14 points, 7 rebounds and 1 blocked shot.

White said Walker has matured each season both on and off the court. Walker helped lead Holmes County to the Class A state title last June.

“He’s become more humble and respectful of his elders,” White said. “He can still be a little mischievous but he’s grown a lot in his four years here.”

Other notes:

— Kenny Boynton and Mike Rosario had mixed results last week at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, an NBA predraft camp for college seniors. Boynton averaged 9.7 ppg in three games while finishing fifth in the tournament in assists (6.0 apg). Rosario averaged 8.3 ppg and shot just 28.2 percent (11-39) from the field. Florida senior forward Erik Murphy declined an invitation to the tournament and is expected to hire an agent this week.



  1. Correction not only the best pg on the court that night but clearly the best player on the court that night. And by the way I forgot to mention that he had 5 rebounds. Kentucky is oficially on notice, with the pieces with have coming back and McD all-americans coming in, Florida is not taking a back seat to anyone.

  2. I didn’t say that Ky should worried, but they should calm down over there in grass nation having a team that got bounced from the 1st round of the NIT this year and bringing a 6 of the top 20 recruits. This is big time college basketball. This is a whole different level and last they were ranked top 5 and look where they ended up. They do have a few key pieces coming back but for the most part they’re evaluated based on potential. I don’t get too caught up in 5 stars and these nonsense. Trey burke was not even ranked in top 50 when he came out of high school and neither was Victor Oladipo. We have 2 stars back that made it to the last 3 elite 8, and a proven deep with alot of upperclassmen. You can write this down, supremy in the SEC next year will go through gville.

  3. Neil,

    I won’t get into the Kentucky stuff instead I will respond to your question.

    Hill was not named MVP because he is not named Wiggins or Parker. Didn’t you hear the announcers tell you how great they both are 100-150 times?

  4. Man, there’s going to be some nail chewing until he becomes eligible! It will really stink if he doesn’t qualify to get in to UF and we end up playing against him! We really need his big body. Hill is the real gem; so, it’s good to know he’s ok. Come on Walker – buckle down and get those grades and test score where they need to be.

  5. Couple of things here, first, Wiggins did not get the MVP of Mcd’s game, Randle, and Parker were Co-MVP. Second I hope everyone keeps bashing Kentucky about this year, it will make winning next year so much better. In four years Coach Cal has taken the BBN to an elite 8, final four twice and a national title. What has Florida done in the past four years?
    I don’t down other teams most of the time in fact I like Billy D and Florida, heck I pulled for them this year in the tourney but I’m really sick of hearing fans bash KY for one bad year! It’s really funny considering KY did horrible this year, still finished second in the SEC, and still everyone talks KY on every net blog site. I guess when your at the top people get the green monster on their back. ENVY

  6. For John Wildcat

    When you supposedly recruit the top class each year the expectations are a national championship. With that in mind UK has failed more times than they have succeeded.

    The difference in UF and Billy Donovan and UK and “Cal” is that nobody on the planet is confusing the UK program of being a collegiate basketball program. UK makes a mockery of the words collegiate athletics. The one and done players being brought in every year by UK are not being recruited to entertain earning any type of education. They are hired guns plain and simple.

    You ask what has Florida done the past four years. Three elite eights with REAL COLLEGIATE athletes who go to REAL college classes and in most cases finish their degrees.

  7. For Mr. John Wildcat: WOW, talking about Kentucky basketball, on a Gator website. I agree with KRIS statement, that the Kentucky Wildcats is the collegiate answer basically in my words to the Harlem Globetrotters, all basically one and doners.

  8. Mr. John Wildcat: in reference to the Globetrotters which are world renown and an icon in modern and old school basketball and are legendary in style and reputation, what I was trying to say, they are not a college or NBA team, they play basketball for entertainment only, like a sideshow.

  9. One last comment to Mr. John Wildcat: didn’t Mr. John Calipari have 2 NCAA titles taken away at W Mass and Memphis. I sorta think he must be a little DIRTY TO HAVE 2 TITLES TAKEN AWAY. I rank him in my list of slimy head coaches.

  10. If I was a Kentucky fan, booster, graduate, I would be ashamed to have Calipari as my head coach, knowing his past and the way he chooses to build his program with one and doners, instead of seeking student athletes and encouraging them to graduate. I think Calipari and the Kentucky basketball program is a disgrace to college basketball. ENVY I DON’T THINK SO.

  11. @Mr. John Wildcat

    Billy D has 4 tourney appearnaces, three elite eights, and two SEC championships.

    And if he had the kentucky tradition to recruit with, and could pull in the talent that Calipari is able to, he would have a championship caliber team every year

  12. Calipari won’t be at Kentucky long, he’ll answer the call to the NBA, and shortly after Kentucky will be marred in an NCAA recruiting scandal. Something dirty going on in the bluegrass to be able to bring in so many 5 stars every year. Trouble always seems to follow Calipari. Curious to know the Calipari recruiting dialogue, promises, and payments.

  13. Donavan has become the dean in the SEC now and with his coaching skills is quickly becoming the coach of choice, KY has the name and that will always be hard to overcome so they and MO will be, along with FL should vie for the SEC crown for a while. What the SEC needs in basketball is two or three good years and dominate the country and every school will have top recruiting classes like they do in football. And of course Florida will lead the way!

  14. Hey Florida fans, Wow, I really like how u bash UK, but would dream to have the same players. Lol. Harlem globetrotters etc. Go look it up, UK has a higher APR academic rate than Florida….and also I wouldnt be so quick to bash the second place NIT team in the SEC.. they beat Florida once last year. Lol. In their down year! As for Cal and UMass….what was he supposed to do? Spend every second of every day holding Cambys hand so he doesnt take money from an agent? How is that Cals fault? It could happen to Florida or any school…even Coach Donovan. As for Memphis and Derrick Rose- listen up! The NCAA cleared Rose to play, then come back after the year is over and declare his ACT test no good. How is that Cals fault? He wasnt even signed with Memphis when he took his test…what was Cal to do? Go hold his hand before he is signed to take test? Then the NCAA declares him not eligibl ge after they say he is eligible?

  15. So stop sitting behind your computer tucked away somewhere hiding and bashing people u dont know anything about….calling them slimey bcuz they out recruit your Team/coach. UK hasnt beaten florida in football in like 30 years, so stop whining when you have competition in basketball. UK needs florida in the SEC basketball as much as Florida needs UK. Its a great rivalry!!!