Scout: Hill, Walker will help Gators


On the surface, incoming Florida signees Kasey Hill and Chris Walker didn’t have overwhelming performances at the McDonald’s All-American game.

Hill, who started at point guard for the East squad, had 2 points, 1 assists and 2 turnovers in limited playing time. Walker, meanwhile, had 4 points, 6 rebounds and 1 blocked shot off the bench.

But an NBA scout who watched both Hill and Walker during practices and the game in Chicago remains high on the two players who compose UF’s Class of 2013.

“Kasey Hill, I’ve been following for two years,” the scout said. “He’s a true point guard. He gets the ball where it needs to go. He’s a good passer, he’s got a good handle.  Florida had a good season, but I felt like at times the guard play held them back. Kasey will help in that area.”

Asked about Walker, the scout said: “He’s a terrific athlete. He’ll help them on the boards.”

According to’s Dave Telep, Hill was bothered by knee problems heading into the game. The 6-foot-10 Walker showed off his athletic ability by winning the McDonald’s All-American slam dunk contest last Monday.



  1. If you focused on Hill during the game you saw lightning reflexes on both ends. He couldn’t care less about scoring or showing off. He is a very special player who will elevate Florida and I believe will be a pro.

  2. Excited about next years team, don’t know much about the two transfers, but should be very deep at all levels, gonna need it after seeing what Kentucky is bringing in and coming back, if Noel returns at some point next year, the Cats could be hanging another banner in Rupp.

  3. Also just watched Walker in the McD’s AAG and I love the way he plays D and handles the ball in the post. There is no doubt in my mind he and Hill will be a huge upgrade for the Gators on offense, the d should be better too with the added size down low.
    What is the deadline for players deciding on the draft. Sure hope Mr Young wants to return. He is a top 10 pic, he just needs a few more go to moves in the post to be really effective and recognizing where all defenders are on the floor before he starts his dribble.IMO Go Gators

  4. I feel like some of you people are making comments from out of space.

    First off, GaToRcHomP, Patric Young is NOT CLOSE to being a top 10 pick. Young is late first rounder at best, more likely an early to mid 2nd rounder. His offensive game isn’t great, he’s horrible from the FT line and has bad decision making.

    To address other concerns, there is nothing wrong with Kasey Hill’s eligibility and Chris Walker is a really good and motivated kid. I did hear where he plans on staying in college 4 years. Prob wont stay 4, but hopefully he and Kasey attract other top players to come to Florida. Florida needs a decent bit of talent to stay on top of Kentucky. Say whatever you want, but Billy D is a much better coach that John Calipari.

    Mike Rosario played at Rutgers under Fred Hill.

    And lastly, Chris Walker and Kasey Hill will help Florida, but don’t forget about the two transfers, Dorian Finney-Smith and Damontre Harris. Both of those guys will make Florida a deep team, deeper than this past season.

    I think Pat Young should return to school and finish his career. And Will Yeguete is really the most important player that UF has. Dude shows up to play every night and is a beast defensively. Florida will be really good next year.

  5. I love Pat Young. Hes a man amongst boys physically and mentally. But, anyone who thinks hes even a late first rounder just doesnt know what they are talkung about. Id be surprised if hes even taken mid second.

  6. Fully agree with the above post from Kenny. Young is a GREAT kid and a credit to Gator Nation. However, he has minimal offensive skills. While he is a “beast”, he has a hard time finishing around the rim, which is a killer when you are 50% free throw shooter. Not sure another year will help in those areas, but I think he should get his degree and then see if the NBA has a role for him. I don’t see him being drafted if he comes out this year.

  7. Young will stay another year so he can get that NCAA ring and get better around the basket. Defense he knows and another year will see his offense catch up. Come on back Pat it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

  8. Young a first rounder? What a joke! He is easily out muscled under the basket for rebounds, misses too many tip-ins and other easy buckets, and other than his patented hook shot, he has no offensive game whatsoever. He has a finely sculpted body, but plays like a soft tomato. Don’t even get me started on his free throw shooting. Opponents foul him with no fear of losing points that way. My biggest fear for next year is that Young returns for his senior year and Donovan starts him again, with the same dismal results.