Milestone win for Billy D


Florida coach Billy Donovan achieved a couple of significant milestones in Friday night’s 62-50 win over Florida Gulf Coast.

Donovan picked up his 450th career win. He’s now 450-185 in 19 seasons overall and 415-165 in 17 seasons at Florida.

Also, Donovan picked up his 31st NCAA Tournament win, passing Kentucky’s Adolph Rupp for the most NCAA Tournament wins by a Southeastern Conference coach. Donovan is 31-10 (.781) in 41 NCAA Tournament games.



  1. I enjoyed the article, Kevin. Both of these milestones are quite significant, and passing the legendary Rupp is especially sweet (given UK’s basketball snobbery).

    I really admire Coach Donovan for so many reasons, not the least of which is his loyalty to (and longevity with) the Gators. In this day of the grabbing the fast buck and one-and-done, that really is commendable.


  2. Billy Donovan is one of the classiest and most talented college basketball coaches EVER! We are fortunate to have him at UF and should never take him for granted. I hope he coaches at least a couple more decades.

  3. When will Gator fans and others wake up to the fact that we have a legend in our midst? Billy isn’t just the greatest coach in any sport in UF history, he’s one of the top 5 coaches in any sport in the history of the State. (I’ll take Billy, Don Shula, Bobby Bowden, you can pick the other two).

    Amazing coach, person and Gator.

  4. As a Gator fan I congratulate the Gators and Billy on a good season. They went about as far as their talent would take them.

    They could have won a few more games during the season had they played with better focus and more intensity, but in the end it would not have mattered. In this game against Michigan they were over matched and out played. They needed to play a great game to beat Michigan, and they did not.

    They could not hit from the outside. No one could make a 3 all game. Players will have bad shooting nights, but when everyone goes cold you are in trouble. That’s when you need a low post presence and we had no inside presence. Murphy is not a low post player and he is wasted playing there. For as big and strong as Young is, he has no real low post game. He better stay another year and learn how to shoot free throws and how to score in the low post.

    Next year the team looks to be much stronger on paper. We will see.

    Go Gators!!!

  5. Coach ‘D’ is the greatest B-Ball coach in Florida history, and these stats back it up. 31-10 in NCAA Tourney games is awesome! If Florida and Coach ‘D’ ‘keep it together’, Coach ‘D’ will quite possibly be in the TOP 5 ALL TIME BEST (COLLEGE B-BALL COACHES).
    The loss hurts, but the Michigan team ( & Kansas) had ‘length and athleticism’ which is hard to defend (see 2006-2007 Florida team).
    I do question 1 thing: why Florida stayed out West… I’d flown back to G’ville, and let the guys sleep in their own beds for a couple of nights, but it’s all ‘water under the bridge’ now.
    Next year’s team should be tons of fun to watch, too! Will, Casey, Frazier II, & Scottie, possibly Young, too, with a few new faces, and Florida could be explosive, again, in hoops!