ESPN recruiting analyst was high on Comer


Florida Gulf Coast University sophomore point guard Brett Comer has emerged as one of the surprise stars of the NCAA Tournament.

But to those inside college basketball, Comer’s rise on college basketball’s biggest stage isn’t so shocking.

Miami coach Jim Larranaga called Comer “one of the best point guards in the country.” Florida coach Billy Donovan compared Comer to Missouri point guard Phil Pressey in terms of his court vision and ability to get others around him involved. Comer is 16th nationally in assists at 6.4 per game, compared to Pressey’s 7.1 assists per game.

And ESPN national men’s basketball recruiting analyst Dave Telep said he had Comer graded out as “a high mid-level player” coming out of high school.

“Everyone keeps talking about Florida Gulf Coast having these kids no one else wanted, but with Comer, that was not the case,” Telep said. “For a program like Florida Gulf Coast to get him, it was a huge coup.”

Telep watched Comer extensively when he teamed with Austin Rivers at Winter Park High School.

“He had a swagger about him, even playing alongside Austin Rivers,” Telep said. “Just a really, hard-nosed competitive player with good skills.”



  1. Great story in FGC, but it should end Friday, unless the Gators have another second half meltdown, which wouldn’t surprise me. Either way, the south regional will be decided in the first game; Kansas or Michigan have too much size, athleticism, talent and swagger for the Gators to hang with them for 40 minutes.

  2. Kevin, come on man. Michigan and Kansas are too atheletic for Florida. Truth be told…Florida can run with any team in the nation. FGC better hope the Gators have an off shooting night because if they’re lighting it up it will be a long night. Plus, Florida has the experience and has been to 2 consecutive elite 8’s. After FGC, Michigan or Kansas better bring their A game.

  3. Some people obviously base their comments on potential, not performance. These Gators have yet to win a meaningful game this year on the road, their best win away from Gainesville was at FSU. I want to see them win it all too, but I’ve been watching basketball for many a years and am a realist, not a dreamer. This team doesn’t have what it will take to string 6 wins in pressure packed games as does the NCAA tournament provide.

  4. If the Gators of Florida can beat Gulf Coast & beat Kansas & their fans, then I truly believe the sky is the limit! These Gators need to put an amazing run to pull it off, but it can be done. Sometimes, Gator fans remind of the Israelites shortly after seeing a miracle, the Red Sea spilt in order to escape Egypt, and then DOUBT in the wilderness!
    Gator fans have valid points (2nd half meltdowns, etc…) but anything is possible in the NCAA MARCH MADNESS MAYHEM!

  5. wow, yeguette wow was a force on defense. as expected, i didn’t think fgcu could handle great team defense,.

    but again, for the gators, entry passes to the low post were poor and resulted in turnovers. fgcu guarded the three point line fairly well. the gators had many chances in the paint and luckily had a big rebounding advantage.

    i think donovan coached a great game.
    hopefully gators can improve getting the ball inside and finishing.