Henderson should have been T’d up


It’s well after the fact, but it appears that Marshall Henderson should have received a technical foul following his Gator Chomp antics during Ole Miss’s 66-63 comeback win over Florida in the SEC Tournament finals.

The lightning-rod Ole Miss shooting guard chomped at the crowd following his rainbow 3-pointer with 7:14 left that put Ole Miss ahead 59-53.

According to the NCAA Division I men’s basketball rulebook, the following classify as unsporting technical infractions:

— Using profanity or vulgarity; taunting, baiting or ridiculing another player or bench personnel; or pointing a finger at or making obscene gestures toward another player or bench personnel.

— Inciting undesirable crowd reaction.

It would appear that the chomp would cite an undesirable crowd reaction, even though there were more Ole Miss fans than Florida fans at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. When asked whether a technical should have been assessed, Southeastern Conference coordinator of officials Gerald Boudreaux said: “The official must detect the infraction on the floor and make the judgement if it falls under one of those categories.”

Tony Greene, Joe Lindsay and Mike Nance called the SEC Tournament final games. Florida coach Billy Donovan also mentioned a couple of questionable “momentum plays” that went against the Gators in his Monday news conference, including a missed goaltend call on an Erik Murphy shot attempt and two fouls called on Scottie Wilbekin on Henderson 3-point attempts that resulted in six made free throws. But it’s all behind the Gators now as they prepare for their second-round NCAA Tournament game Friday in Austin, Texas, against Northwestern State.



  1. Despite those bad calls, the gators need to be overcome them with clutch shooting. The defensive pressure during tournament time only goes up… sometimes there aren’t wide open shots.

    I noticed during sec tourney the guards moved better without the ball.
    However they dont pass well down low or get guys open down low.

    Last year, I think Erving Walker would sometimes do some questionable things with the ball but when you needed someone to take the shot at the end of games I felt he was fearless and confident taking the shot or sinking
    FTs. However, his defense was worse than Wilbekin. And overall Wilbeking seems to stay in control.

    I guess either run some schemes to get better open looks or get use to taking some contested shots.

  2. Tony Greene is a veteran official and he was looking right at Henderson when he did the chomp.

    Everyone talks about how difficult it is to win on the road in the SEC (and that was a road game) when the reality is it is difficult because of the “homer” officiating that is prevalent in the SEC. I sit on the third row and I have seen numerous examples of this in the O’Connell Center so I am acknowledging the reality both ways.

    Either Tony Greene is incompetent (not likely given his tenure) or he has homer bias.

    Our league will never rise to elite status until the officiating is improved. As good as our football officials are, our basketball officials are as bad.

    Officiating is THE most embarassing aspect of SEC basketball.

  3. (2) things should have happened. 1. Technical Foul 2. The Gators should have put him on his ass. That’s how you deal with punks. Referees did not cost us the game however, they significantly impacted the outcome. Gators have to be able to overcome such things and they didnt respond well to the poor officiating

  4. I agree the refs definitely looking atnMarshal when he didn’t foul Scottie or was doing the gator chomp . His behavior is very unsportsmanlike . The one thing that hasn’t been mentioned was when Marshal slapped the referees butt. All the years I have watched Basketball this was a first . Definitely if occurred in football it would’ve been an infraction.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. I was stewing since the game, not that the Gators lost, which that was pretty disappointing, to say the least, but at Henderson’s behavior and the fact that he got away with it. He shoudl have received a technical for his Gator chomp. And to hit a referee on the backside, I have never, ever seen that either, and he got away with it. What gall! He is such a bad example to people in sports! Someone above used the word PUNK, fits perfectly. And the sportscasters called him a character, just disgusting behavior! Great article!!!

  6. Of course he should have been T’d up but when he doesn’t have the ball the refs take the whistle out of their mouths. Those 2 bogus foul calls on his 3 point attempts were garbage. He’s nothing more than a wanna be JJ Redick who can’t create his own shots and has to run off of 7 screens to get an open shot. When he is guarded or trapped he gets the ball taken from him and whines about it. His bloated numbers come only because 15 of his 20 point/game average come off of bs foul calls that give him free throws. That said there’s no excuse for UF to lose to Ole Miss… none!

  7. Henderson’s well-known and notorious antics are NOT an excuse for the Gators lack of DEFENSE and SCORING no matter how much he ‘chomps’ or does his land-shark crap-o-la! Grousing about non-existent TECHNICAL fouls is just ‘sour-grapes’ and an excuse for some sports writing HACKS to stir the juices of the ‘peanut-gallery’!

    The Gators need to play with the fire, desire, and intensity like they did in January and half of February or – Cinderalla will make them – ONE AND DONE! Forget about Henderson – you can’t CHANGE or GROUSE about the past . . . .

  8. Who saw one of the officials pat Henderson on the butt, which was acknowledged by Henderson with a return pat on the official’s butt and a smile as they walked down the court? I saw it, definitely. However, if the Gators take care of business, which they did not, this would be moot.

  9. WOW! Talk about sour grapes. This was posted two days after the game! lol First, any player that performs another team’s cheer like our chomp or FSU’s chop should be penalized: A Tech in basketball and 15 yards in football. And while the refs should have T’d up Henderson, they didn’t, we lost, get over it. On to the tourney!

  10. Rules in football and basketball need to be consistently applied. This issue with Henderson was lost in January when SEC officials chose to “look the other way” on his unsportsmanlike antics. In an overall weak league you would guess they were directed against calls that might disrupt this hotdogging showboat. The refs embarrassed the SEC by their poor judgment.

  11. Florida choked unfortunately, but I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t see all of the game, but how does a team lose a 15 point lead. Where’s the momentum, desire, effort, passion? Can’t someone, anyone, a senior? step up take control. I hope Fla can get it together in the tournament. I would hope they can at least win at least 1 or 2 games. If Northwestern attacks and plays hard with passion, I think we’re doomed. Fla will probably live and die with the 3 pointer. If they can’t get into at least the sweet 16 would be a disgrace.

  12. With Ole Miss on the bubble, a Gator victory would more than likely knocked them out of the Dance. That would have embarrassed the league and cost them money. The SEC refs weren’t going to make calls that hurt Ole Miss and helped UF. BS walks and money talks.

  13. Marshall Henderson, WOW, I think he is a head case, very much GHETTO. I wasn’t impressed with him at all, no class, a true punk. if I was a NBA scout I wouldn’t even give him a look. Apparently, the coach can’t real him in and looks forward to the 2nd half so he can babysit him. Too bad he is such a head case, hot dog, because he thinks he’s better than what he is. His game should speak for itself.

  14. A couple of more comments about this Henderson kid. The referees were intimidated by him and his antics and obviously didn’t know what to do with him. All of the years I have watched college basketball, I have seen a character like this guy. NBA prospect I doubt it. I doubt if Billy Donovan would put up with a kid like him. I would take Kenny Boynton over him any day. I hope somebody eventually knocks him on his Ass. Too bad Fla didn’t.

  15. I don’t think anyone commenting is suggesting that UF deserved to win the game. We clearly made enough mistakes and missed enough easy shots to lose.

    There are two points to my comments.

    1) The game momentum turned on an obvious goal tend on Ole Miss that was not called. Ole Miss grabbed the loose ball and beat UF down court for an open Henderson three while the UF players stood still looking for the call. This resulted in a five point turn around and a complete momentum swing. Add this to the horrible calls and no calls in the final minutes and you can see where UF had help in losing.

    2) I was ranting about the obvious problem the SEC has with officiating and favoring the home team. I have sat on the 3rd row at the O’Dome for over 30 years and I have seen just how bad it has gotten in the last few years. I have seen more horrible calls in UF’s favor this year more than ever. The SEC will not be respected as a basketball conference until this is cleaned up.

    My comments go well beyonf the SEC tournament game Sunday. It is truly embarrassing to watch. Tell Slive to get this fixed or shut the He!! up about only getting three teams in the dance.

  16. Mark T,
    Homer for sure. This same clown had three calls reversed. He had the ball going to Ole Miss. I have no doubt he wanted to call a Technical on KB when his elbow made contact. He was over-ruled there too. Refs cost us this game. NCAA refs are better and Gators do well there. SEC refs are the worst.

  17. as great as Billy’s done for UF, for whatever reason he doesn’t seem to ever recruit a go-to guy. You know, the kind that can score on his own, especially in crunch time…..one with super athleticism. Badley Beal was almost there and would have been that guy if he stayed. This is one of the biggest reasons why the Gators lose close games at the end.

  18. I think he should have gotten a technical. I also think that and Gator athlete that does it after a big play in either basketball, football or any sport should receive like penalties.

    It is the only gesture that I know of and the only team I know of that is allowed to taunt opponents.

  19. The Gators lost because they have no toughness when it counts. Coach D can say what he wants but Murphy played like a scared chicken the whole game. And that was a dumbass play call for him in the post after they got lucky & got the ball back for another shot. He should’ve kicked it back out to KB, Rosario, or Scottie for a 3. Tired of them choking at the end of games like UK. All they had to do was toss it inside to get that dude to foul out & they couldn’t even do that but i digress now…as for that PUNK Marshall. Heck yea he should’ve been t’d up but the refs were scared. Their coach should’ve reigned his punk self in for doing that crap. Too bad noone could hit that shot at the end-that would’ve been great to see that punk coward crying on national tv after all of his stupid gestures. Still Gators all the way to the title…GO GATORS!!!

  20. Down the stretch it is hard to toss it inside because Young shoots FTs at < 50% and has maybe an average inside game. Murphy is not a true back to the basket power player. Everything is forced on the perimeter for the team during crunch time.

  21. If anyone cares to see videos of the stunts this **** Henderson has pulled and gotten away with, go to the Ole Miss website. This kid is out of control. I have never seen stunts like what he has done in all the years I have watched college basketball.

  22. I was shocked watching Henderson’s antics throughout the SEC championship game. The refs should have T’d him up early to stop it. The best way to look at it, is to imagine if all players on the court behaved that way. The possibility of fights and even fan involvement on the court would be quite likely. And again, to all of those attacking the Gators losing the close games, it is more important to note they have not been blownout all year, or lost to an 0-14 Penn St. team like Michigan, or losing by 30 to Miami, like Duke. You got to be in the game to even have a chance to win. And this years Gators basketball team has played hard, with heart, with yes, probably the closest losses in school history. That is not a negative!