Boynton on SEC: “We can win it”


Coming off the best-scoring game since his freshman season, Florida senior guard Kenny Boynton was asked what he thought about UF’s chances to win the expanded 14-team Southeastern Conference.

“I think we’re right up there at the top,” Boynton said. “I think there are some great teams in the SEC. Honestly, I think Kentucky is a good team despite their record, I think we’ve got to respect them as a team, but overall I think if we do the right things we’re at the top and we can win it.”

The No. 11 Gators (10-12) enter SEC play Wednesday night against Georgia with the highest RPI of the 14 SEC teams. Florida is the second-highest ranked team in the league behind No. 10 Missouri (11-2).

Boynton’s 28 points last Sunday matched a career-high he set Jan. 9, 2010 at Vanderbilt. He appears to be getting hot at the right time, having made 11 of his last 17 3-point attempts.

Florida coach Billy Donovan downplayed UF’s role as SEC favorites. Defending national champion Kentucky, with no starters left from last year, is off to a 9-4 start, though the four losses have come against No. 1 Duke, No. 3 Lousville, No. 17 Notre Dame and Baylor. Donovan has led UF to SEC regular-season titles in 2000, 2001, 2007 and 2011.

“I don’t think our guys worry about that,” Donovan said. “We’ve got an older group of guys that understand, any given night anything can happen. And, uh, judging from me, it doesn’t make a difference. I don’t think our guys feel any extra pressure because we’re picked to win the league.”

Donovan also said an SEC regular-season title would ring hollow because with the expanded league (14) and schedule (18 games), it’s hard to crown a true champion.

“You’re never ever going to have a true league champion because it’s no longer a round-robin,”  Donovan said. “The scheduling and the way it’s set, for us, it’s just to try to get these guys to understand that.”









  1. I agree with BD that this year’s format is for the birds. UF plays four games against the top SEC teams (Mizzou and UK) while others don’t. I thought that UF would be the favorite but the loss of Murphy, in my opinion, throws a monkee wrench into the plans. He is arguably the best player on the squad with his ability to play inside and outside. A big who can knock down treys @40% plus is a pearl without price. Hope for the best but I’m very disappointed since excessive scrimmages are probably responsible. You don’t need long physical practices two months into the season.

  2. Yes, it is a joke that they will have an SEC regular season champion. The balance of power is clearly in the East, and I believe you play all but one team from your division TWICE, and those from the other division ONCE. So the East teams are at a SERIOUS disadvantage if the division is indeed superior. A West team that is not that great may well win the conference.

  3. They changed how SEC basketball scheduling works. No divisions in scheduling or in the standings now. One permanent rival (Kentucky) and you play 4 others twice. Everyone else once. Over a three year period you play everyone 4 times except your permanent rival, which you play 6 times. Some teams get better draws than other in this way, but it’s much better than the older system. Divisions aren’t useful in basketball.

  4. “Hope for the best but I’m very disappointed since excessive scrimmages are probably responsible. You don’t need long physical practices two months into the season”

    It wasn’t the scrimmages that got him hurt, but the game against Air Force. The ribs might have been already broken before the practice, plus with the way the team hasn’t been playing like a “team” as they were in their blowouts of Marquette, Wisconsin, and FSU, they needed the practice.

  5. I get what Coach is saying, “…a true league champion” but I say, ”get what you can, while you can, when you can, when it comes to BANNERS!” This team is in a position to win the S.E.C….so, regardless of the ‘format’… when Florida can BEAT U.K. for an ‘S.E.C. CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER’…JUST DO IT, GATORS! It won’t take long for John C. at U.K. to RELOAD, so let’s do this GATORS! CHOMP-CHOMP!!!

  6. Hopefully Yeguete & Prather can fill the void from Murph being hurt. My fear was one of our big men getting injured. We also the the guards to make their shots and we will be ok until Murph returns.