Billy D: Gators need more from Yeguete


Florida junior forward Will Yeguete has had a tough time this season adapting to a familiar role.

Yeguete was Florida’s jack-of-all trades player off the bench for the Gators last season before going down with a broken foot late February He started UF’s first nine games this season. But in the two games since Yeguete was replaced by Scottie Wilbekin in the starting lineup, the 6-foot-7 forward has struggled. Yeguete had more turnovers (3) than points (0) during UF’s 78-61 win over Air Force on Saturday.

Yeguete also had just 2 points and 3 turnovers in UF’s 67-61 loss to Kansas State. Florida coach Billy Donovan said he’s not looking for scoring from Yeguete, but said he can help the Gators in different ways.

“We gotta get more out of him,” Donovan said. “We’re not getting enough out of Will at all. The energy, the defense, the deflections, the running the floor, kind of being all over the place, we’re just not getting that from him right now.”

With Yeguete struggling, Donovan turned to freshman Michael Frazier II and Casey Prather as other options off the bench against Air Force. Frazier (5 pts) and Prather (9 pts) combined for all 14 of UF’s bench points against the Falcons.

“If we’re not going to get (energy) from (Yeguete), he is limited offensively, whereas Frazier at least stretches the defense a little bit for us,” Donovan said. “But Will has got to go back to being who he’s been here, and when he does that, he changes our team, as does Casey Prather. And I think those two guys have got to embrace their role of being energy, hustle plays, deflections, loose balls, a lot of those things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.”









  1. I think BD made a mistake when he started three guards. The real talent on this team and the guys which will have the best opportunity on the next level are Murphy and Young. With the three guards we shoot bad shots from the perimeter instead of getting the ball down in the paint. Against AF we looked very mediocre until we started to get the ball to Young and Murphy in the paint and then we pulled away. Yeguette at the 3 spot is a better defender and rebounder then any of our guards.

    • In some aspects I agree, but playing the 3-spot in Billy D’s offense requires good ballhandling, passing and decision making skills. In reality, it’s a point-forward spot that players like Chandler Parsons and Mike Miller and Corey Brewer have run effectively in the past. Unfortunately, Yeguete and Prather are just too turnover-prone to play there. Yeguete’s most natural position is at the 4 and I would expect him to start there next season when Murphy leaves. With starter minutes, Yeguete could average 9-10 rebounds per game.

  2. So put Murphy at the 3 spot and WY at the 4. Murphy can shoot and pass. The downside is that Murphy needs to be more aggressive near the basket. At the 3 spot, he is liable to just sit outside and launch trey’s. But, that may be the spark they need. Agree that they looked very ordinary against AFA on Saturday.

    • Still think that Casey Prather is their most natural fit at the 3 from a size, skill and athletic standpoint. He makes mistakes but if you had a longer leash with him, I think he can be a complete player at that spot who can score, defend and rebound. But Billy D seems wed to starting both Boynton and Rosario for offense, and Wilbekin is your only true point guard. IMO, think they would be better off starting Prather at 3 and bringing Rosario off the bench for offense.

  3. I agree that Prather is most suited to the 3 spot physically. He can’t seem to overcome the turnover problem and he is foul prone. I think Frazier is the most gifted perimeter shooter and he has a better physical presence then Rosario. Should use the 3 guards in rotation at 1 and 2 thus keeping everyone fresh. Then use the bigs plus Frazier and Prather in the front line.