Horford top paid NBA Gator


One of the byproducts of Florida’s success under head coach Billy Donovan has been the ability for players to move on to the NBA.

It’s a selling point in recruiting. And Donovan has made sure that his players haven’t just gotten to the NBA, but stayed there as well.

There are currently 10 Florida players on NBA rosters. Four are on their second contracts and three more (Matt Bonner, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller) are on their third contracts.

Here’s a list of Florida player salaries in the NBA in 2011-12 from highest to lowest. Not surprisingly, NBA All-Stars Al Horford and David Lee top the list. The salary information is courtesy of the NBA player’s association website.

1. Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks, $12 million

2. David Lee, Golden State Warriors, $11.61 million

3. Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls, $10 million

4. Mike Miller, Miami Heat, $5.4 million

5. Udonis Haslem, Miami Heat, $3.7 million

6. Matt Bonner, San Antonio Spurs, $3.315 million

7. Corey Brewer, Denver Nuggets, $3.059 million

8. Marreese Speights, Memphis Grizzlies, $2,721,254

9. Chandler Parsons, Houston Rockets, $850,000

10. Vernon Macklin, Detroit Pistons, $473,824



  1. It’s amazing these kids are hauling down this kind of dough. Granted, it’s a short career, but still astounding money for having a great time…. Hard to believe Haslem is any less valuable than Horford (one man’s opinion), or that Noah is paid that much more than Matt Bonner, Mr. Consistent. Must have better agents, I figure, or maybe some teams just have more money to spend?

  2. At this stage in their careers, make no mistake, Horford is indeed simply MUCH more valuable than Halsem. He is a top center in the NBA (yes, he is a center)–after Howard and Bynum, it is pretty slim pickings as far as NBA centers go.

  3. Before Coach D got here the Gator NBA list was one guy per decade. It’s great having so many great guys and ball players in the big dance. These guys also get huge road game per diems and many other perks. Hopefully the NBA pipeline continues.