Players reveal lighter side of Billy D


Duing Friday’s press conference,’s Rick Reilly asked all five UF starters if there was something people didn’t know about their coach that they would like to tell him.

Here were their responses about Billy Donovan:

Erik Murphy — “I don’t know. I don’t think he sleeps too much. He’s probably watching film all night. That’s not an unknown. I guess a lot of coaches are doing that right now.”

Patric Young — “He’s underrated at being funny. He has some really smart jokes that hit you hard sometimes … I don’t know if Scottie (Wilbekin) or somebody makes a pass, he’ll say, you’re not at the Rock (School) anymore, you can’t throw those one-handed passes.”

Bradley Beal — “I agree with Pat, probably his sense of humor. Whenever you make a mistake or if you air-ball a shot, he’ll say close the door, like the wind is blowing in or something smart like like that.”

Erving Walker — “I would say he’s obsessed with hard practices.”

Kenny Boynton — “I agree with all these guys. The hard practices and his sense of humor. He’s a very funny coach.”





  1. This may be the toughest of the tournament losses, only because our players were better. Our athleticism was as good as any team we have had at UF. You know I have been bullish on Donovon putting athletes on the floor who can beat NCAA tournament defenses off the dribble for good shots and who can defend the perimeter in the NCAAs. Donovan had that.

    What he didn’t have, which I have been on record stating:

    1. In game adjustments.

    2. Offensive mindset to get the ball in the paint and finishing at the rim.

    3. True point guard to provide generalship on the floor.

    Billy is the greatest three point offensive coach in the game. William Floyd (Bar None). His teams are so locked in that mindset that with explicit instructions to take it to the chest of post defenders with 4 fouls, his guys will continue to run Billy Ball (pass…pass…pass…extra pass…shoot a three).

    The players caught up in the stress of the game need a coach to call a time out and give them the direction that will help them have success. I don’t think there is anyone who knows a decent amount about basketball who wouldn’t agree the game was lost by the coach not directing the ball into the paint and rim.

    It is gold to hang 4 fouls on two front court players early in a second have. Pure gold. Then you add being in the double bonus (TWO FREE THROWS PER FOUL) half-way through the second half, you now have platinum. That is as good as having the front door of a fortress left open and unguarded. You just walk right in and take all you want.

    Coach has to direct all offense at that point to go in the paint, where four good things can happen and only one bad thing.

    1. Foul and free throws.
    2. Foul and get bigs out of game.
    3. Score.
    4. Wrap around dish to a teammate in the paint for an easy shot.

    Pitino knew he was in deep trouble with our team. That we more ability that his team. His players were out classed talent wise. He made an adjustment in his base defense. He went to a man to man. Donovan never counter moved, directing his team to dribble drive to the hop. Pitino did more with coaching with no timeouts than Donovan was able to do with 2 in his bag.

    Donovan after all these years still seems like a deer in headlights when a team is going on a big run on his team or walking his team down from a big lead from behind. In both cases the tried and true way of stopping any runs is pushing the ball to the rack for a foul our a finish. That has always been and always will be the staple for stopping runs.

    For some reason this truism is one Donovan seems at times determined at all cost to prove a fallacy. The player were in trouble down the stretch and they need wisdom, leadership, coaching to right themselves. Louisville’s players got it from a great wily coach, in Pitino. Our players were left out there on their own to struggle and figure things out.

    Then in true Donovan style, place the collapse squarely on the players making bad choices, or failing in their efforts. I have never once heard him state what he could have done to effect the outcome in significant loss. I don’t expect him to. He never will.

    The players made me proud. They played some of the best basketball in the NCAAs this year. The display they put on in the first half was amazing. The look like big time team with talent, athleticism, and skills. They competed their butts off. Really like the team.

  2. The only good thing about the loss to UL was it prevented a fourth loss to UK. My only complaint with BD’s coaching was that we didn’t have an additional time out left. I also think that they should have put Rosario in the game when we had our scoring drought. He is a two-edged sword but he is very good at attacking the basket. I knew we were dead when Walker bricked the two free throws. They tightened up and couldn’t do anything right the rest of the game. While I was disappointed with the outcome I think they got as much out of the talent as possible considering the loss of Yeguette to injury. Depending on who returns and the final recruiting class (we need a big), we should be very competitive next year.

  3. ‘That a way to choke it up, Gator Nation. Pathetic. Pitino owns you clowns. You pay your coach 3.5 million a year and that’s what you get.
    by Jacky Boy’

    Hey, Jacky Boy, we do pay him 3.5 million a year to take us deep in the tournament and occasionally win a National Title or two. Which he just did a few years ago, I believe. Judging from your tone and love for clowns i would guess you root for FSU. What happened to FSU in the tourney? No, you’re a Miami fan? I don’t remember seeing the Canes either. I really hope you’re a UK fan because then I would ask you the question, ‘When are you guys going to get a men’s football team?’

    I don’t care who you are or who you root for, you have to spit venom at someone because you wish the school you root for (and probably didn’t go to) was like Florida. We have, unquestionably, the best academic and athletic programs and win National Championships on a regular basis in a wide variety if sports.

    Hit the road, Jack

  4. I say congrats to the Gators. I think they actually overachieved. They started the year short a true point guard, and a big man. They finished the year short a true point guard and 2 big men. Murphy really should be a 3 man, and Walker is really a shooting guard.
    Assuming the underclassman all stay and Billy can find one more Solid Post Player the team should be better next year. As far as the game went against Louisville I think the Gators played as well as they could. It always astounds me that Gator fans are never satisfied with anything but championships, and yet they never remember the recent past. How many championships has UF basketball won under a coach not named Donovan? Which college are all of you commentors coaching at? That’s what I thought.

  5. how about giving the young men and the coach a break. they played their hearts out and deserve credit for what they did. think of what your negative comments mean to these kids. Shame on you. GooooooGators, good job!

  6. GatorSid is NEVER satisfied with UF basketball and is not even a fan of UF at all as all he ever did was bash UF and Billy D on the message boards until he was PERMANENTLY BANNED for life so he is DESTROYED yet again. Sid is mad that a Billy D coached 3 point shooting team could make a run to the ELITE 8 ONCE AGAIN. Great year by our guys yet again as they we picked to lose to Virginia in the first round and went on to defy the odds and make it to the ELITE 8. Go Gators!!

  7. Yeah JackyBoy sounds like a clown! Wether of the Nole persuasion or not, still a clown. And what did we get with Donovan 2 NC’s, Pitino has 1. Glad to see that Sid has a place to try to voice an opinion. Even better to see that NO ONE CARES!