Boynton unsure of future


Add Florida junior shooting guard Kenny Boynton to the list of Florida players unsure about their return next season.

Boynton replied with a short “I don’t know” when asked if he intended to come back for his senior year.

The former McDonald’s All-American from Pompano Beach is leading the Gators in scoring at 16.8 points per game. But his scoring has tailed off considerably in Southeastern Conference play. Of Boynton’s 12 20-point games this season, only three have come in the SEC. Boynton has averaged just 9.7 points per game during UF’s current three-game losing streak.

Boynton developed a reputation as a defensive stopper last season, but his defense on the perimeter has been more inconsistent this season.

“I think I’ve overall a good job when I’ve had matchups,” Boynton said. “We played a lot of zone this year so I wouldn’t say I had the same matchups that I had last year. I’ve guarded guys the same way I did last year.”

Where would Boynton go if he leaves? In Boynton’s NBA draft profile, compares the 6-foot-2 guard to Tony Delk. “Was a top 10 recruit throughout his high school career, but due to positional issues his pro outlook isn’t as bright as his high school and college career appear to be,” the website said of Boynton. “Much more of a small 2 than a true point guard. Awkward, herky jerky looking shot (shoots from right above his forehead).”

The website also praised Boynton for his speed, athletic ability and ability to score in bunches. But it also said that it’s still unclear whether Boynton could play point guard at the next level. Boynton has spelled Erving Walker at point guard at times during his three-year college career. “His vision and passing skills are very average for a floor general,” the website said. “Ball handling is decent but can also improve.”

The website does not have Boynton projected to go in the first or second round of its 2012 NBA mock draft.

Last month, freshman Florida guard Bradley Beal said he hasn’t decided whether he will return for his sophomore season. rates Beal as the eighth overall pick in the first round (Milwaukee Bucks) in its 2012 mock draft.

— Beal has been mired in a 3 for 16 slump from 3-point range and is shooting just 31.8 percent from 3-point range this season. He hasn’t made more than two 3-pointers in a game since going 3-of-4 from 3-point range Jan. 28 against Mississippi State. Beal shot more than 44 percent from 3-point range in his senior year in high school. “I’m really surprised,” Beal said, when asked about his long-range shooting woes. “At the same time, there’s nothing I can do about it but just keep shooting the ball. I’m really staying in the gym, coach is working with me. I’m just doing my best to try to knock down shots.”














  1. no way, he is not ready for NBA.. he’ll be a fool to leave.. he still has a lot of stuff to learn and get better at. He can shoot the 3 at times but a lot of times he struggles and he has a funny looking shot motion. Bad idea if he decides to try to enter NBA draft.. he needs to stay and get better.. same with P.Young and Beal is ready but I would love for him to stay a few more years because he’s the real deal and he could help us get a national title.

  2. It would be nice to retain both Boynton and Beal but if I were a betting man I”d say Beal was gone. Probably Young too but not as much a sure thing. I’m continually amazed that Billy is trying to play a four guard lineup. We have no chance playing with four guards against better D1 competition. WHY NOT PLAY PITCHFORD!!! He’s 6-10 and looks reasonably athletic. They can play zone and all he has to do is hold his hands up. I saw enough of Wilbekin and Beal trying to guard 6-9 T. Jones and 6-8 Goulbourne in the last two games. Prather is totally hopeless and should take his talents to a mid-major after the season.

  3. i could see beal leaving, but i hope everyone comes back…i think billy should K. boyton over to pg and beal to the sg spot and try to find a small forward either with prather or someone else who has height…sometimes i think billy makes things harder for his teams to succed then what they should have to….prather was a all america coming out of high school and i guess because he wasn’t a good 3pt shooter billy just wanted to use him as defense player…let the guy play along with pitchford so they can have confidence in themselves…work with what you got before you lose a handful of them…and i think he needs to add a new strengthen coach to help some of these of guys bulk up and become more physical…they have enough big man, murphy, young, pitchford, a.d….lets get these guys playing physical.

  4. Geez, how poorly timed is this?…talk about piling on in the middle of a losing slump and significant injury. Why is it even a subject? I like Kenny and appreciate his skills, but where is he going to go if he doesn’t play his senior season? He still needs major improvement and more consistency to even come close to playing professionally here or overseas or anywhere, let alone stand the chance of getting drafted. Same for P. Young. This should not even be a story unless you presently have a chance to succeed at the next level or have clearly made a name for yourself at the major D1 level.

  5. The Gator basketball team could potentially be in really bad shape next year. Think about this list of players potentially leaving: Walker (senior, so guaranteed), Boynton, Beal and Young.

    There goes 4 of our starting 5.

    I’m not saying they are all leaving, but even if Beal just left, that sets us back substantially. We won’t land another Beal type for a long time.

  6. Boynton and Young are not ready for the next level at this time, and in all honesty, I don’t see Boynton in the NBA ever. There are too many 6-5 guards around who who can shoot 3’s, drive to the rim and finish and/or stop for a short jumper, rebound rather effectively and yea, play defense. Young must develope a shot other than a dunk or short right handed hook. Remember Udonis Haslem when at UF? As a 6-8 center he was great under the basket but in his senior year he was told to go to the NBA he must develope a shot since he was to small for an NBA center. Well, he just did that and has a jumper inside 15 feet.

  7. If Beal is one and done then he shoulda’ gone to KENTUCKY -the school that BREEDS IT (one and done) and encourages it through their Coach -you don’t ahve to go to class in the Spring…

    Beal and Boynton and Young should return for another year of FLORIDA BASKETBALL and make it worth their while… I truly believe this squad intact for next year will be PRE-SEASON FAVORITES IN THE SEC -regardless- of Coach 1 and done at U.K.

  8. My prediction: we lose Beal and Boyton, but Patrick comes back. We have Rosario next season and a top point guard recruit coming in who will probably start (forget his name, he is from NC). We will be OK, but not as explosive at the guard position. Just hope Billy signs another big for next year. We got to have another power forward down there with Patrick!

  9. After yesterdays performance if he is all SEC..I really question their selections..he played pitiful under pressure. I could care less if he stays or goes..I do not really think we would miss him..

  10. Patrick needs a year with a good ankle or in 2 years you will not be able to find him..He isn’t playing now as well as he played at the beginning of the year.

    Wilbekin will be a great point guard next year..and should have played a lot more with Boynton and Walker riding the bench against Kentucky.

  11. Billy always plays seniority over talent year after year….his style. Yesterday was the first game in years where Billy didn’t emphasize make the extra pass..but instead make the basket ( it is called basketball not passball). This is what everyone of these kids knows out of high school..we try to rebuild them so that if they shoot and do not make that extra pass..they are not playing Billy Ball and they get yanked out of the game,,and lose their confidence. I liked the way they played yesterday.. What will I remember Erving for..with 2 minutes to go you can be sure he will drive into the paint, slide down and lose the ball, it is his patented move and legacy