Beal unsure about future


Florida freshman guard Bradley Beal already has shown the ability to play at a high level in one the top college basketball in conferences in America.

Whether the 6-foot-3 Beal sticks around beyond this season remains to be seen. Asked about his future at UF beyond this season, Beal said: “I’m not really sure about that. I really haven’t thought about that at all. I’m just focusing on the season, one game at a time. I’m just focusing on the team right now.”

It wasn’t confirmation that Beal will bolt for the NBA draft, but it wasn’t an emphatic “I’ll be back for my sophomore season” either. Florida hasn’t had a one-and-done player since power forward Donnell Harvey left after his freshman season in 2000.

But there is reason to be concerned, considering Beal’s high draft stock and upside. The web site has Beal the No. 10 overall pick to the Phoenix Suns in its latest 2012 mock NBA draft (Patric Young is No. 16 to the Cleveland Cavaliers). editor Jonathan Givony says that Beal, “Shows a highly developed skill-level for a player his age as well as great maturity and an excellent basketball IQ. He is first and foremost an outstanding shooter, showing the ability to come off screens and make shots with deep range as well as pulling up smoothly off the dribble.”

Beal ranks seventh in the SEC in scoring (14.2 ppg) and 16th in rebounding (6.0 rpg). He’s posted four career double-doubles and has been named SEC freshman of the week five times.

“It’s a honor but I really don’t pay any attention to that,” Beal said of SEC freshman of the week. “I’m just trying to compete hard every week and just try to play my best and do what’s best for my team.”

Other notes:

— Donovan said he’s tinkered with a Young, Will Yeguete, Erik Murphy frontline in practice in an effort to match up against bigger teams like Kentucky in SEC play. But Donovan said he would be concerned about losing offense without either Erving Walker, Kenny Boynton or Beal on the floor. “The biggest thing is offensively we might then become a little bit stagnant doing that,” Donovan said. “But it is something that we have kind of toyed around and played with and may be something that going down the road we may do a little bit more.”

— Condolences go out to former Gator standout Corey Brewer and his family following the death of his father, Ellis, after a long bout with diabetes. Brewer has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Denver Nuggets to mourn with his family.

















    Seriously, I really don’t think Beal, and especially not Young are ready for the NBA.

    Look at all the guys who starred in the NCAA seasons and went to the league after a year or 2….Eric Bledsoe is currently in the D-League.

    Even Speights would probably be more polished and less of a journeyman big if he had stuck around. I get the allure of money, and if someone needs it (ie Corey Brewer), then it makes sense to take it.

    However, from what I know about Beal and Young…neither need to provide for their family, but of course I could be wrong.

    More years of tutelage under Billy D can only make them that much better.

  2. Sure, that may be the right thing to say, but I do not buy for one second that any high level college athlete ‘hasn’t really though about that’- as in cashing in at the pro level. Of course they think about it, who wouldn’t? What I don’t understand is a month ago, all we heard was how much of a freshmen Beal was and having trouble adjusting…now he is a top 10 NBA pick? Come on. The same goes for Young, he was awesome early on and the NBA talk started and now that has seemed to fade somewhat along with his current struggles. These guys are both young, both in their first years of having significant playing time at a high caliber level, and still developing their roles and trying to find consistency. They are both a huge asset and of course would love them to come back since we would have just about everybody returning next year except Erv. They will make a huge impact one day in the NBA, but need to be more consistent at this level first and do not see it happening this year alone.

  3. The NBA has a long history of drafting kids who have some degree of success in college but bust in the pros. Look at UK’s class of a few years back. Cousin”s is playing for a bad case but is a head case. I’ve seen Ortin playing for the Magic once and word is he won’t be offered a new contract. Wall is starting foe the Wiards but his lack of a perimeter game makes his performance spotty. Liggens is on the Magic squad and never plays. These guys were supposed to be the creme de la creme of college basketball. Meanwhile, Parsons who played four years is starting for Houston. Beal has talent but his perimeter game is suspect and he can’t play 2-guard w/out an efficient outside shot. Young is very raw.

  4. This is UF’s year to make a run and I don’t think they can do it with the personnel they have. I like this team and I wish it was enough, but I don’t think it is. Based on Beal’s comments, I don’t see him staying and I was surprised to see Young come back this year, so I would be shocked to get both of them back for next year. UF is going to lose their best big man, their best forward/shooting guard, and their best point guard. They don’t have any other big men coming in. Yugette and Murphy will be it. UF is going to have a few down years until they can bring in some size. They’ll have shooters, but this team will look like the ’08 – ’09s, not good!

  5. Beal definitely needs another year. His biggest strength right now is his rebounding production considering his height. That will really pay off in the NBA one day. For now, he needs to stick around and perfect his shot, get more assists, and turn the ball over less. He will be glad he did.

    Young looked amazing at the beginning of the year, but his rebounding isn’t nearly productive enough to be solid PF or C in the NBA and he needs to learn to have at least a passable jump shot, as good as he is right around the rim on offense. I know we’ll see these two guys in the NBA eventually, but it’s definitely in their best interests to stick around another year.