Billy D thinks Urban will coach again


Former Florida football coach Urban Meyer denied another report that he’s reached a 7-year, $40 million deal to coach at Ohio State.

But Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan said he thinks Meyer will coach again, whether it’s at Ohio State or another school.

Donovan said he’s spoken to Meyer a few times in recent weeks. Donovan and Meyer are close friends and neighbors who live on the same Haile Plantation cul de sac in Gainesville.

“My guess would be, and this is not about Ohio State, will he go back and coach,” Donovan said. “Yeah, I think he will. But I think for himself he’s gotta get himself to a place where he feels good about the other aspects to his life that maybe he felt he was missing out on or wasn’t as attentive to.’

Meyer resigned from Florida last December, citing spending more time with family and his health as his main reasons for leaving. Donovan, who left Florida for six days in 2007  for the Orlando Magic before deciding to return, said that coaches can go through a feeling of of withdrawal after winning a national title. Donovan (2006, 2007) and Meyer (2006, 2008) have each won two national titles at UF.

“There are so many coaches out there chasing that thinking something is going to change and when they get it,” Donovan said. “I’m not so sure it does. I think for Urban right now, it’s that balance for him of chasing championships, his family, his health, those things. Can I balance all that? Can I make it work?”

Other notes:

— Florida senior point guard Erving Walker said he doesn’t plan to make any mechanical adjustments to his jump shot. Through four games this season, Walker is in an early shooting slump, making just 36.4 percent from the floor (12-33) and 27.8 percent from 3-point range.  ““I would say (they are) just not falling,” Walker said. “I’m getting good looks, Coach (Donovan) said just said keep shooting those shots and stay confident.”

— Florida sophomore center Patric Young started the season 11 for 18 from the floor, but has made just 4 of his last 14 shots. Asked to evaluate his post offense, Young said: “I think I’m doing good. I may be rushing a little bit. The ball is not falling. I’ve been getting pretty good looks. I just gotta get closer post position, probably get closer to the basket. It’s a lot higher percentage the ball will fall in.”

— Former Florida guard turned UCF linebacker Ray Shipman is winding down his first college football season. In eight games, Shipman has 28 tackles (including 4.5 for loss) and one interception.






  1. If unban coaches again pray it’s a strong SEC opponent, Florida State, or Miami, someone the gators enjoy beating, because as the team is Meyered, it will weaken and quickly become an easy opponent.
    He inherited a great team and had a master recruiter give me the kind of start any good coach asks for, but instead of building on it his last team limped around like they’d been shot.
    The last year tebow was here the gators were the kind of team that if they had a decent coach behind them they would have gone undefeated; instead they were lucky to win their games and ended up looking like fools.
    Urban’s last year is a true indicator of what a team will end up performing for a coach that can’t stomach the game

  2. Urban took over an underachieving Zook team and won an SEC and NC in two years. Retooled from all the graduation and early departures to win another NC. The next year they went undefeated until the SEC championship game. The benching of Carlos Dunlap for a DUI charge probably had more to do with that loss than Urban’s coaching. There is some question whether Urban has the “fire in the belly” required to be a coach at a bigtime football program. Tremendous pressure from the administration, boosters and media to win plus they seem to want coaches to be Father Flanigan these days.

  3. On this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks that Coach Muschamp and all of his staff plan to turn in their letters of resignation on Sunday. And that Urban will return to be our head coach on Monday. I am thankful that we will get back to winning instead of spending all our time whining.

  4. I’m glad for Urban, and his very highly skilled coaching “team,” and the SEC/NC’s he brought us, but I’m also glad he’s gone. He did us a disservice by coming back for the “neutered” year.
    He was/is NOT a true Gator…, and never will be. I wish him luck in future endeavors, but remind him that if he’s goes up nawth’ OSU/PSU and is successful enough to get back to the “big” game he’s gonna still get his a#*e handed to him by the SEC….even if it’s not his owner Nick Satan.

  5. I presume that most of the pro Muschamp and anti Urban comments were made before the FSU game. I can’t say it is the worst UF-FSU game I ever saw (the “61 3-3 tie was pretty bad) but it certainly is in the top 3. I would like someone to explain how next year will be appreciably better with essentially the same players sans Brantley, Demps and Rainey. The O-line was recruited for the spread offense and it will take two or three years to replace them. D will probably be better but you can’t win in the SEC w/out a first rate offense.

  6. Thanks to Urban for the 2 NC’s, but after Saban cleaned his clock in the SEC Championship game in 2009 he has not been anywhere near the same coach. He has lost critical OC’s and DC’s along the way, and simply may not be that great of a head coach. If he goes to OSU, I wish him nothing but professional grief, especially after gutting the 2010 Gators the way he did. So much for Urban’s ‘family’ time…what a joke!

  7. Everyone thought Meyer would coach again…. it’s not that big a surprise to most of us.

    I have to say I appreciate Donavon more and more… he
    had some down years after the national championship seasons but kept plugging away. What he did last year with that group taking them to the elite 8 and so close to a final 4 was inspiring.