Florida putting in extra time on FTs


Many thought Florida would struggle with the physical things during the early part of the 2011-12 season

Florida has defended and rebounded better than expected in the early going. But a familiar bugaboo — poor free-throw shooting — has been a cause for concern through UF’s first three games.

Florida coach Billy Donovan termed the free-throw shooting as an “annoyance that’s becoming a concern” following his team’s 16 for 29 performance at the free-throw line against UNF. The Gators went just 5 of 13 from the free-throw line in the first half.

Overall, Florida is shooting 56.9 percent from the free-throw line this season. The Gators are 37 of 65 from the charity stripe.

“We’ve been trying to spend time there,” Donovan said. “It’s disappointing where we’re at right now. We’re in the mid-50s (percentage).”

Starting point guard Erving Walker, a career 79.1 percent free-throw shooter, is 7 for 13 from the line in the early going. Casey Prather (2-6) and Erik Murphy (3-6) also have struggled.

“We’ve got to get better in that area as a team,” Donovan said. “We’re getting to the free-throw line 20-plus times. We need to take advantage of that. I do think we can become a good free-throw shooting team. We just have not shot them well.”







  1. This is going to be a talented and fun team to watch. The free throw problem looks like a bad streak that will soon work itself out. Turned out to be the difference in the Ohio State game.

    If Pitchford turns out to be a sleeper the Gators will also be tough to beat inside as well as outside.

  2. Turnovers and free throws will impact the outcome of close games more than many think. When Walker drives to the hoop, it’s either going to be a foul or a turnover. If he doesn’t hit 80% of his free throws, then he needs to stay away from the lane and let Boynton and Beal do the driving and dishing. At least they have a chance to score on the drive. Walker will be alright if he just settles in. Just don’t drive.

  3. Watching the Wright State game, I’m worried about our depth in the post. Young got poked in the eye, Murphy was on the bench with foul trouble, Yeguette appeared sluggish and Larson was just plain awful. Wright St. just played the perimeter and left the paint vacant and won the half.I don’t understand why they don’t give Pickard a chance, he at least has both height and athleticism. He’s got to be better than Larson who looks like a Div. 2 player.

  4. Along with william and most likely anyone who has seen a Gator game, the worry is depth in the post. I would add, can we really compete at the highest level with a 3 guard strategy. Apparently Billie thinks we can and other teams in the past have succeeded–so I need to get on board! Finally, thank you Kenny for all the hard work you must have done to be successful with the 3 pointer. It is a pleasure to watch you develop and play!