Florida to hold walk-on tryouts, so long McClanahan


Florida will hold its walk-on tryouts for the 2011-12 season at the UF basketball facility on Oct. 5 at 5 p.m.

More information on requirements for those interested in trying out for the team can be found here.

The Gators are looking to replace walk-on Kyle McClanahan, who left the team during the offseason for undisclosed reasons. McClanahan, a 6-foot-1 guard from Maitland, appeared in 33 career games for the Gators in three seasons. He scored 16 career points.

On a separate recruiting note, Florida will have three big-time visits from 2012 prospects for Saturday’s football game against Alabama. The visitors include PF Jarnell Stokes (6-8, 250, ranked 18th in ESPNU top 100), PF Brice Johnson (6-9, 210 No. 25 in ESPNU top 100) and SF Alex Poythress (6-7, 215, No. 17 in ESPNU top 100).







  1. I want to thank Kyle McClanahan for the last three years on the Gators’ basketball team; although he didn’t really get too much playing time, he always worked hard and was a fan favorite! He did, however, get some huge minutes two seasons ago against South Carolina, NC State, American, and Presbyterian. I just wish he could have made more of the free throws he took throughout his career though haha! Good luck Kyle!

  2. Give the young man credit, their is no job more thankless than being a walkon at a major basketball program. Most coaches cut down to 8 or 9 players leaving the rest riding the bench. The scholarship players get books, bed and beans but the walkons get nothing but the opportunity to go on road trips and yelled at by the coaches. Best wishes to Kyle in all his future endeavors.

  3. Kyle played some meaningful minutes this past season and when we needed him the most. Wish he had finished what he started but maybe he can get a scholarship at another school and finish his career with more playing time. Wish him well, he will not be forgotten!!

  4. Everybody loves it when the walk-on player gets in the game. I think fans would be happy even if the McClanahans of the game would chunk the ball from half court every time they got their hands on the ball. Thanks, Kyle for those 16 points and more so for all the help you gave the team in the countless practices over the years. My guess is KM is leaving to pursue his degree/career full time now. What ever the case may be, I just hope his departure is for the best and not some tragedy or something.

    Go Gators! Land some solid recruits!

  5. I do not understand why coaches have players on the team and do not play them at least a few minutes a game. These guys work just as hard as the rest of the players. If they can hurt a team that much in a few minutes,they should not be on the team in the first place.

  6. Walk-ons know what to expect and what is expected of them. Some have dreams of scholarships, but most just want to play ball and travel with the team.
    Every coach appreciates them, but no coach will play them just as payback, unless the team is far ahead in score.