Florida filled for 2012-13 — for now


When guard Dillon Graham became UF’s third basketball commitment of the Class of 2o12, it filled the school’s scholarship allotment for the 2012-13 season.

Of course, that could change between now and next fall. Erik Murphy and Cody Larson remain suspended indefinitely. Murphy’s case was resolved, but Larson has pleaded not guilty to criminal trespass charges and is awaiting a pretrail hearing later this month. Florida coach Billy Donovan intends not to announce if the two will get re-instated until the legal process is resolved.

But if Larson and Murphy come back, and all three commitments sign in November, here’s a look at UF’s potential roster heading into 2012-13.

Brad Beal — G

Kenny Boynton — G

Scottie Wilbekin — G

Dillon Graham — G

Braxton Ogbueze — G

Michael Frazier — G

Mike Rosario — G

Casey Prather — F

Erik Murphy — F

Will Yeguete — F

Cody Larson — F

Walter Pitchford — F

Patric Young — C

Despite rumblings from message boards, Graham told me that he has accepted an offer for a full basketball scholarship. But for those who have concerns about the guard-heavy roster, it could change just as quickly. Big seasons from either Boynton, Beal and/or Rosario could result in at least one or possibly two players leaving early. So what Donovan is doing is essentially covering his tracks in case there are early departures.

I expect Florida to try to get a commitment from at least one more big man in the 2012 class, or possibly a swingman. UF coaches spent a lot of time in July watching Kyle Anderson, Alex Poythress and Mitch McGary. McGary or Poythress would give Florida more of a physical presence up front, while Anderson is a 6-8 swingman who could fill the point-forward role previously held by Chandler Parsons, Corey Brewer and Matt Walsh.

Other notes:

— Pretty good story¬† from ESPN.com’s Dave Telep on 2012 big man Jarnell Stokes, who told me in July he’s interested in Florida. Stokes’ final six includes Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Memphis, Connecticut and Ole Miss.

— Former Florida guard Ray Shipman is second on the depth chart at outside linebacker for UCF. The bad news? Shipman is playing behind true freshman Leilon Willingham. Shipman, whose playing weight at Florida was 210 pounds, is now listed at 237 pounds. Shipman, a former 2008 Florida Mr. Basketball, left UF following the 2010 season due to playing time issues.








  1. Even with Murphy and Larson, this is a roster that will sorely lack depth along the front line in terms of players who can rebound, block or change shots and score. If one envisions Young, Murphy and Larson all on the floor at once, that is a reasonably competitive trio; but who can come off the bench to spell them and not create a significant drop off in front line presence?

  2. What about Young leaving. He’s probably the most NBA ready and he’s the only center we have, YIKES! All these shooting guards sound great, but we need size to balance it out and give them open looks. Otherwise we’ll get killed on the boards and it won’t matter how well we shoot.

  3. I think, if Patric asks the league to assess his draftability at this point in his career, he will find there isn’t a big demand for 6’8″ guys whose only way to score is a dunk. He has a chiseled body and can defend, pass and rebound, but he’s probably too small to be a dominant NBA power forward and too limited in skill set to be an NBA small forward right now. Until or unless he develops some semblance of touch in shooting the ball while facing the basket like David Lee or Al Horford, his NBA value will be limited.

  4. To be honest, none of the 2012 recruits excite me. There are no Brad Beal’s or Mike Rosario’s although in a year or so they could develop. We have five bigs for two positions. I thing that Murphy and Larson will be cleared to play but how much they can contribute to the SEC/Top 20 teams on the schedule. Yeguette is a rebounder but his offense is woefull. Murphy has offensive but defense and rebounding iare below par. Definitely need a big 3 ala Brewer and Parsons.

  5. Young and Murphy are solid. Yeguette also can play. Larson is a mystery (and trouble) and likely will be gone in a year (or sooner-still 50/50 in my book, at best, whether he is booted from the team before this season). Don’t underestimate Murphy. He is big, CAN REBOUND, and can shoot the 3 a la Matt Bonner. Problem is that Young is high on the NBA radar (regardless of his outside touch) and will be gone in a year or 2. He could be a nice Ben Wallace type player in the NBA.

  6. Re: Tim’s comments above:

    Young is projected as a lottery pick next April already even if he doesn’t improve his offensive skill set (which I understand he has from his extensive work this off-season with Team USA)

    He doesnt need to be a dominant PF to get picked in the lottery; there’s a chance he’ll go in to the top 5-10 picks just based on his strength and interior D.