Florida lost two visits due to NCAA violation


Florida lost two men’s basketball recruiting visits during the 2010-11 academic year due to a self-reported NCAA violation.

UF reported the violation to the Southeastern Conference office April 23, 2010 after a prospective student athlete spoke to several former Florida basketball players on the phone. As a result, the SEC reduced the number of Florida’s official visits from 12 to 10 during 2010-11.

As a side note, the NCAA bylaw that prohibits prospective student athletes from speaking to former players is being challenged in the courts. Lawyers contend the rule violates a PSA’s freedom of speech rights.

In all, Florida reported three men’s basketball NCAA violations during 2010. The second involved an assistant coach having contact with a recruit during the non-contact July evaluation period. Florida lost two evaluation days in July as a result of the violation. The third involved advertising a men’s basketball camp and resulted in no significant punishment.

All three were Level 1 violations, which are reviewable by the NCAA. The Sun learned of the violations through an open records request.

Georgia most recently self-reported a similar violation in which former Bulldog football players David Pollack and Randall Godfrey attended incoming 2011 recruit Ray Drew’s signing ceremony.


  1. Kevin, what’s the chance Billy Donovan brings in an additional big man with this current class? Joseph Uchebo de-committed from NC State and was granted his release, for instance. He’s a 6-8/6-9 inside player, four star recruit. The two inside positions seemed a little thin before the Eric Murphy/Cody Larsen arrests. Do you hear any rumblings about another recruit?

  2. Kevin,
    How many scholarships have been freed up? We lost Chandler, Alex and Vern. Did Allen count toward the total as well? Was Rosario on scholarship? I know we have Beal and Pitchford but adding a guy like Uchebo would be HUGE. Any thoughts??

    • Allen was on scholarship. So is Rosario. Florida currently has two scholarship slots open. Of 13 available schollys, 11 are filled, including Larson and Murphy. More could open depending on how Murphy/Larson situation plays out. But Florida also has two commits for 2012 and is only projected to lose one player (Walker, sr.). They may be holding out for 2012 pf Tony Parker or 2012 sf Brandon Morris.

  3. Kevin, I too am concerned about our big men position. It seems to me Young is the only true center and he often gets into foul trouble. Of the current roster or incoming players, who is the back up for center and would they be playing out of position?

  4. Rules like that are what’s wrong with the NCAA. The NAIA handbook is about 14 pages long. The NCAA handbook is 14 volumes long.

    So how does the NCAA justify all of the contact that Michael Jordan has with Carolina recruits?

  5. Murphy and Larson got drunk and did something stupid. Really stupid. But I’m not certain dropping them from the program is the right way to go. I don’t think their intent was criminal. I would rather see Coach Donovan suspend them and then give them the chance to work their way back on to the team. If he cuts them loose some other team is going to take them in and they learn nothing. I also hope the judge makes sure these kids spend the summer doing something useful and not any fun at all.

  6. I’m entirely with you, Pam! The issue facing Larson resides back home in Dakota, and he may be out of chances as a result. Murphy is more likely recoverable for himself, his education at UF and for our program. Still think Uchebo or another quality big man would boost this class. And isn’t it likely someone besides Walker will leave before the 2012-13 season looking for more playing time? I think
    Billy has room for one more guy this fall. RE: Warner from NC State, not all the guys we recruited who wound up elsewhere added a lot to their next teams either.

  7. This is the way you handle these things though, up front and honestly. UF self-reported and that’s how you do it. Hate losing the visits though, but you have to do the right thing and abide by the rules. Kudos to UF for being one of the nation’s best in NCAA compliance and cooperation with the NCAA.

  8. When you are willing to risk such an opportunity like Murph and Larson had….You NEED to LET THEM GO! It is criminal and represents the University as a whole, and I find it very degrading. Both are replaceable. These kids are a dime a dozen. Fresh Coaching Staff….time for fresh kids who would relish this opportunity! START OVER BILLY!

  9. Jerry, if either one of those were your son, I don’t believe you would feel that way. They are still very young and made a mistake. Punish them as you would any young man, but for pete sake don’t throw them to the street. Give them an opportunity to redeem themselves, their team, and the university.
    Go Gators