Update on Larson’s probation status


Florida freshman forward Cody Larson violated terms of his probation when he and teammate Erik Murphy were arrested in St. Augustine for allegedly trying to break into a car.

But South Dakota prosecutors plan to take a wait-and-see approach before deciding any action against the 6-foot-9 Larson.

Larson, a Souix Falls, S.D., native, reached a plea deal with prosecutors on misdemeanor drug charges after sharing prescribed painkillers with a friend during his senior year in high school. Larson received a 120-day suspended jail sentence and performed community service last summer.

“Any time there is a potential violation, we can file a motion to revoke a suspended sentence,” Minnehaha (S.D.) County State’s Attorney Aaron McGowan said. “If the court is reasonably satisfied that there has been a violation of conditions, it can impose any portion of that suspended sentence. Basically, anything between 0 and 120 days.

“Right now, though, we’re waiting to see what happens down there before we move forward with anything up here.’



  1. Larson is a 19 year old kid. When I look back at the dumb things I did at that age I wonder why more athletes don’t get in trouble considering the high level of scrutiny they are under. He deserves to be punished. But giving up on a kid because he did what kids do?

  2. This is not strike 2. More like 3 and maybe 4. In High School he was disciplined for alcohol violations. He told the local paper when he was caught distributing prescription drugs, that he learned his lesson and would never do anything he shouldn’t again.

  3. After listening to the tapes, couple things.

    1. Cody is a cry baby, whiner, chicken sh**. We will not miss him.
    2. Murphy is as dumb as a dump truck.

    What a way to piss away your future guys.

  4. Give up on him? For doing what other kids do….sorry but “other kids” don’t break into cars daily…kids drink, sneak into bars, carry fake ID’s…but this crime is a FELONY people…and Larson has MORE than enough chances…the kids needs booted back to where he came from!

  5. This is a big blow and probably the worst trouble I can remember a gator hoopster in since Brandon Powell got deep-sixed. I agree 100% w/ Jeremy and Tortoise, you have to cut your ties. Larson had enough chances. As for Murphy, he actually has contributed and probably would have started next year. If I’m not mistaken he comes from a good home, and his dad is former college legend. He has no reason to be mixed up in this kind of situation. If he knowingly chose to break the law after being admonished by his manager, he cannot be trusted with any degree of team responsiblity.

    That being said, we need size fast. I really hope Pitchford can hoop, because I lost my eligibilty years ago.

  6. After reading all of this past….what in the world was Billy thinking bringing this kind of trouble INTO the program. We need to stop compromising our standards here and show concern for our reputation here in Gator Country….this is a black eye to our program and a complete humiliation to all of us who live here!

  7. Maybe we DO need Larson: big guy who can escape the police on foot! LOL j/k of course.
    after hearing the tapes, how do either of them deserve a 2nd chance? Murphy is a total shock; especially to hear how dumb he sounded. However, I’m sure I sound pretty stupid when I’m drunk as well.

  8. “Hasta la vista” to all 3 of them. Enough is enough, especially with regard to Cody Larson. Lsrson was known to be troubled, so you have to question the judgement of the other 2 for hanging out with him.

  9. Come on guys, this isn’t serial murder. With the crowded dockets and the fact that this is the first offense for two of the three guys, the SA will drop the charge to a misdemeanor for Murphy and the student manager. Larson’s case is more complex since he has a prior but since this arrest had nothing to do with drugs he will probably receive the same treatment. I’m curious as to the incident of Murphy losing his wallet. Wouldn’t be the first time an employee of a bar lifted an inebriated patron’s wallet. All three should have their asses kicked for going out an getting bombed.

  10. What they need is night in jail, cut off from the outside world and pondering REAL trouble. Then they can scrub every toilet in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium after a night game. Followed by a week of community service in the laundry of the County jial, two weeks feeding the homeless and another two weeks changing bedpans in an adult daycare. They acted like arrogant, entitled punks, who squaled and squirmed when they knew they were caught. Alcohol fuels bad decision-making to a point, but a fundamental lack of common decency and respect for others won’t wear off in the morning. As an alumus, a sometime athlete and a resident of St Aug, I am sharply disappointed. No matter what, these guys have to work damn hard to prove themselves before they get given another thing. And then they gotta keep working for the next 3-4 years before anyone will trust them. I expect Coach Donovan will do what is right for the University, and I expect these guys wiill have to work twice as hard to earn any little thing their greedy hearts desire in the future. They need prove their worth, and to develop an appreciation for others.

  11. Come on guys, Murphy looks like a choir boy, but he is still just a kid, and kids make mistakes at that age. Alcohol and youth do not mix. But then again, I’ve seen grown men (and women) make fools of themselves after drinking. We need Murphy next season, and I don’t find this offense a reason to kick him off the team. Larson has a history that is questionable, but would not kick him off the team based on this incidence alone. Billy will make the right decision, with all the facts at his disposal. The Gator Nation should be grateful that they have this coach at our school. He consistently produces a competetive team, and does it the right way. If Billy decides to kick one or both off the team, I support that decision. If he decides to retain both, then I support that decision, as well. Go Gators