Cops release Murphy, Larson tapes


St. Augustine police have released the 34-minute recording in the back of the squad car after Florida players Erik Murphy and Cody Larson were arrested on felony burglary charges for allegedly trying to break into a car.

In the recordings, Murphy, 20, and Larson, 19, both admit to underage drinking and trying to break into the car. Murphy, Larson and team manager Josh Adel didn’t know they were being recorded. First Coast News of Jacksonville first obtained the tape an hour ago.

Murphy says during the tape, “They don’t have anything on us, we’re going to get off,” referring to the fact that they had not stolen anything from the car.

Adel said: “(Expletive) that man. It doesn’t matter. My job was supposed to, I’m supposed to be looking after y’all. And y’all are (expletive) going into (expletive) cars that I said not to.”

“I know,” Murphy responded.

Florida coach Billy Donovan has suspended Murphy, Larson and Adel indefinitely. Donovan said Tuesday he is gathering more information into the arrest before making any decisions into disciplinary action.


  1. Come on guys!!!!! I swear these kids are handed everything on a silver platter and just throw it out the window! Idk what it is, but there must be something in the water down in Gainesville because these kids just can’t stay out of trouble.

  2. How someone can blow their scholarship is news to me. Someone on probation needs to defintely mind their P and Qs. Murphy may be blowing a starting job if not a spot on the team altogether. Adel will be gone and so will Larson. Murphy better hope he is or transfers. He better hope that Donovan believes in second chances.

  3. It seems like Murphy was not in touch with reality and Larson should have know better! Adel should have called them on it before it got out of hand. A direct 911 line to Billy would be appropriate in these cases. If they are allowed to stay Gators after the smoke clears do not expect to seem before 2012!

  4. Kick ’em off permanently. If they’re that stupid then they do not need to be in college and surely not on scholarship. Do the right thing, Coach. Do not let them tarnish the outstanding program you, the current and former players have worked so hard to build.

  5. DC Gator, it wasn’t water that got these guys in trouble. Drinking will make even the smartest kid act like a dumb fool. I hope the judge finds out what each of these guys hates to do the most and then makes them spend the summer doing it. I think some sort of suspension is in order. In the meantime they should develop some new hobbies so that when the season is over they have something to do besides go to the beach and get drunk. I hope Coach Donovan lets them stay. If some other school looks the other way and lets them play they won’t have learned a thing.

  6. The released tapes tell part of the story and it is pretty darn disgusting. Self-absorbed, self-pitying, pip squeaks without one mention of parents, remorse, coaches, teammates—oh its hot in this squad car and these handcuffs sure hurt my wrists. Suspension may not be an option. Something stronger is needed to give a real life lesson in hopes of turning these poor young adults around, particularly if they are repeat offenders. It is all too sociopathic to be believed.

    After the Butler loss there is a sense of some kind of unwinding that it occurring. There are high quality guys on the team with good characters and those are the type of kids we should continue to recruit. Maintain the standards and move on. Coaches need to take responsibility too and admit mistakes.

  7. The recent coaching turnover should be instructive in this case – replace the old (former) with the new.
    Some doors close, others open.
    New season,… new coaches,… new…
    Advise these young men to transfer, then scour the JUCO ranks!
    Send the right message to current and future players.
    PS: Don’t tarnish the Billy Brand!

  8. If they are stupid enough to put themselves in position to be charged and placed in the back seat of the squad car to begin with then they are certainly stupid enough to run their mouth about it while sitting in the rear seat of that squad car. Dosen’t surprize me.

  9. There are on every campus with scholarship athletes, and even at schools that only give “academic” schollies to sports stars, plenty of guys with puffed up egos who think they have a right to privileges and liberties beyond others. I’ve seen this on campuses where I’ve worked through my career and calling. Billy Donovan has a tough challenge with these guys, in particular. How can he get through to Murphy and Larsen without throwing them away at too great a price for each guy to pay? How does Billy avoid being too lax if he lets either of them stick around? My best bet is take each off scholarship. If either one wants to come back, make him earn it as a walk-on.

  10. Two 6’10 white guys, “no one will notice us”. When I was a 20 year old college student I knew the differance between good clean fun and criminal activity. Send these two back to the great white north where they belong without a degree from UF. They can practice saying “would you like fries with that burger” while they serve thier time in the county jail.

  11. Only Coach Donovan knows how many “second chances” these guys have used up. I gotta say though, theft is a step or two lower than criminal mischief. I live in St. Aug.– that coulda been MY car. It hurts that they would care so little about others, but that’s what selfish, drunk, immature punks do. If they don’t get kicked out, they owe their teammates and coaches big time. Theft and arrogance. As an alumnus, I am ashamed and disgusted. Scrubbing all the toilets is only the beginning…

  12. Gator Horace shame on you and everyone else who brings race into the mix. this is NOT a black or white thing. This is a young idiot I am entitled thing. these kids have got to learn that playing on a college scholarship is a priviledge that must be warned and maintained. you are only asked to work hard in practice and school and stay out of trouble. NO EXCUSES NO EXEMPTIONS. Black, white, brown, yellow green or purple this is not about race! it IS about kids understanding the honor of playing for a well repwcted program, coach and university.
    Leave race alone not everything is about race. Concentrate on the kids.

  13. To concerned gator, if that’s what you think, then obviously my comments don’t apply to you. But there are those out there who are quick to label Gator athletes who get in trouble with the law, and those labels to tend to vary based on race.