Parsons pulling for VCU


Florida senior Chandler Parsons said he’s pulling for VCU to advance in the NCAA Tournament.

Parsons’ former Lake Howell High teammate, Joey Rodriguez, is a senior point guard VCU. Parsons said that he and Rodriguez have exchanged texts and phone calls every day in March.

“I’ve known him my whole life, played with him,” Parsons said. “He’s excited. They’ve got a great draw, but obviously there are no easy games left in the tournament.”

Parsons also had glowing things to say about VCU coach Shaka Smart. Smart was an assistant at Florida during the 2008-09 season, when Parsons was a sophomore.

“I always thought he knew his stuff and he was always a hard worker,” Parsons said. “He’d be here at night when we’d come and shoot, always watching film, always trying to get better. I always knew he had potential to be a really good coach.

— Florida forward Alex Tyus was fairly frank when asked why he hasn’t had more performances this season like his 19-point, 17-rebound effort in Thursday night’s Sweet 16 win over BYU.

“More minutes,” Tyus said. “I feel like if I’m a player that got more minutes, I’d produce those kind of numbers.”

Tyus is averaging 24.6 minutes per game, the fewest among UF’s five starters. Florida coach Billy Donovan said earlier this week that Tyus sacrificing minutes has helped the Gators become better as team. With Tyus out, freshman center Patric Young and sophomore forward Erik Murphy have been able to grow and improve as players.

“It’s helping our team so I’m happy with it,” Tyus said. “I’m happy with where we are at right now.”


  1. Tyus has never been satisfied with his role on the team, always more worried about his NBA career than his Gator career. He’s playing great ball right now and I’m sure if he keeps it up, he will get more minutes. Get it? Play well, get more PT.

  2. considering Tyus’s jumping ability, he should board better than he does. The Farid kid from Morehead St. is the same size as Tyus but he goes after the ball with great intensity so he’s going to be an NBA draft choice. Alex is playing well in the tournament and he will have a chance to compete with Howard from Butler who also has a big motor.

  3. Tyus does have great potential. I think he is finding his niche using his jumping ability in the paint and throwing the ball out if an easy shot isn’t there.
    Scoring is the second choice for Tyus. Scoring is frist choice on an inside rebound. Of course, throwing or tipping it to the outside man if the easy on isn’t there. He also looks like the perfect alley-oop setup guy.

    Roll playing, team ball using those legs like super springs attaced to his feet.

    Cant wait for the game. Florida by 12. Billy has done a great job of blending some very good players into a possible title.