Young to return for sophomore season


Despite limited playing time this season, Florida freshman center Patric Young’s name had been popping up on NBA draft web sites for 2011 because of his size (6-9, 245 pounds) and projected upside.

But Young said Friday night that he definitely intends to return to Florida for his sophomore season.

“I love being in school right now,” Young said following Florida’s win Friday night against Tennessee. “I like getting my education. I’m learning more from Coach (Donovan) and he’s got a lot to offer me. He’s going to help develop me so when I go to the NBA, I’ll already be ready and teams won’t have to worry about developing me anymore.”

Young, who had 4 points and 5 rebounds in 17 minutes off the bench against Tennessee, is averaging 3.4 points and 3.5 rebounds this season. But his value can’t be measured merely in statistics. Young has provided a physical presence in the paint that the Gators have lacked in recent seasons.

Next season, Young will probably move into the starting lineup with Florida’s all-senior frontline graduating. That, and a chance to improve his limited offensive skills,  factored into Young’s decision to stay.

Young was named to the SEC all-freshman team earlier this week.

“It just means that I’m doing all the right things,” Young said. “I just need to keep working. It’s not over yet.”


  1. really, this isn’t even a story. you’re a young journalist, do not follow in the footsteps of those who came before you, and continue with these crap articles. this is crap journalism, creating a story where one doesn’t exist. you’re better than this, brock.

    leave this stuff to fooley and others, otherwise you’ll end up another bubble-headed bleach blond (nothing of substance). unless, that’s what you’re going for.

  2. Patric has some serious upside, but he is in NO WAY ready to make the jump to the NBA. I would be shocked if he were ready after next season even. Kid sounds like he has his head on right anyhow. Go Gators!

  3. Unlike John, I found this blog informative. Not that I thought Patric Young was leaving early to go to the NBA but more so that Patric likes school and believes Billy is teaching him well. Keep up the good work, Kevin.

  4. What’s more newsworthy than the future of Gator basketball as a true national powerhouse? With one of the best backcourts in college hoops history next season, Patric could be the difference between a national championship and UF not making the tournament (or getting bounced early).

    How about, John, you take the 14-foot stick out of your rear…unless that’s what you’re going for.

  5. One name for Patrick Young to remember: Donnel Harvey ! Started as a freshman on the Gators Final 4 team back with Miller and Dupay. Very much like Young in that he was a big, physical kid with very limited offensive skills. Left after his freshman year, did get drafted into the NBA, had maybe a cup of coffee in the league, and hasn’t been heard from since. Stay in school young man, and not for the Gator’s sake, but for your own long term future. Be young, have fun, learn and grow.

  6. JOHN, you seem to be the expert on ‘no substance’ with a snarky post like that. Good for you. Maybe taking your own advice about not saying anything at all if you have nothing to say would be a valuable exercise for you too.

  7. Heading to the Dome shortly. Yesterday was a blast, but today we face UK and they brought the entire state with them. It will look like a home game for the Cats but we’ll see if we can cheer on the Gators so these kids can cut down the nets!
    Go Gators!

  8. Hey, John, what news organization do you work for? I thought so. I agree that Patric is not ready for the NBA and shouldn’t even be thinking about it but your criticism of Kevin’s journalism is pathetic and uncalled for. You obviously have some type of personality complex and get off on criticizing others. Get a life, Dude.

  9. I certainly didn’t know, and it is nice to know and to hear that the kid realizes he has a lot to learn. Maybe not earthshaking news, but nice to know.

    Besides it is a blog…. check the internet, there is a lot less interesting stuff getting posted to blogs than this.

  10. John & anyone who agrees with him is an idiot! Kevin didn’t start the Young to NBA whispers, but it would be irresponsible of him not to write Young’s response to the rumor. Young is the future of this team and I’ve seen players who were less ready (Speights) leave for the NBA, so nothing ever surprises me.

  11. The way John’s opinion is expressed may be over the top, but his premise is correct. Seriously? The prospects of Patric Young jumping to the NBA are found serious enough to merit a blog on the hometown beat writer’s daily blog? Donnel Harvey had stretches of utter dominance as a freshman to offer as his credentials to the NBA, and Speights actually started for an entire season. This time next year, Patric may very well have good reason to weigh his options, but in the here and now even an Alex Tyus has greater credentials with the NBA.