Morehead concerns Donovan


Florida coach Billy Donovan said he’s concerned about Sunday’s game against Morehead State, but not just because the Eagles’ four guards. When Ohio State went with a smaller lineup Tuesday, the Buckeyes shredded Florida’s press.

“I’m concerned about their whole team,” Donovan said. “North Carolina A&T had a smaller team and we were able to press effectively. Morehead State brings back Kenneth Faried who is averaging a double-double (17 ppg, 11.3 rpg)  and is the preseason conference player of the year. So we’re going to have to be sound in all areas.”

While much attention has been focused on scheduling Ohio State and Kansas State, Morehead is one of eight non-conference opponents who finished with an RPI last March under 100. Others include Kent State (Dec. 9), Fairfield (Dec. 28) and Rhode Island (Jan. 3).

“We have a great reference point with what happened last year against South Alabama (a 67-66 loss),” Donovan said. “I think our schedule is more difficult this year than it was last season. I would be disappointed if our strength of schedule isn’t in the top 10 going into January.”


  1. Kevin —
    Did Aaron Craft possess his steady ball-handling and decision-making skills in High School, or did OSU’s Coach (and staff) impart them to him? Being yet a Freshman, I would imagine he already possessed them.
    Did Coach Donovan pursue him?
    Considering Erving Walker’s stunted growth (and I’m not referring to his height!), why on earth did Billy ever recruit HIM? Surely he was no better then,… and he “$&@%$,” now!!
    Lastly, is Calipari THAT much better than Donovan, or do you think he’s cheating??

    • Tennessee and Ohio State were more in on Craft than Florida. Gators were pursuing Brandon Knight, which didn’t work out because he ended up at Kentucky. Recruiting is a funny thing, but it seems Billy couldn’t capture the momentum gained from back-to-back titles in 2006 and 2007. The fact that the O’Dome has been half-empty during recent games doesn’t help recruiting as well. Kids want to play in front of big home crowds every night.

  2. @Kevin —
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    The actual, current, and correct time stamp of this comment is 8:25 pm, ET.

  3. @Kevin —
    Regarding RPI again.
    So is the rule, the lower the RPI the better, or the closer to some ideal ratio the better?
    In other words, with the latter in view, wouldn’t a team with a lousy record but a very difficult schedule have a low RPI? For example, if college football had an equivalent measurement, wouldn’t Vanderbilt have a low RPI?