Ohio State talking points: Walker to get extra film work


Some thoughts/notes from No. 9 Florida’s lopsided loss 93-75 to No. 4 Ohio State on Tuesday:

* Florida coach Billy Donovan said he plans to spend extra time going over film with junior point guard Erving Walker. Walker’s assist-to-turnover ratio this season is 4-to-9. “He’s gotta have a better understanding of what’s going on in the game for now, not what’s going on for me,” Donovan said. “What’s really going on? Do I need to get Vernon Macklin more post touches? And talking to our guys, that’s an area where he needs to grow and take that next step as a point guard.”

* Donovan said he was disappointed that Florida didn’t feed the post more down the stretch. “In the first half, we had control of the paint offensively and in the second half, they did,” Donovan said. “We went way, way too long where we didn’t have a post feed or a post catch. When we got down by 5 or 7, I was trying to sit there and talk to them. It was almost like we were down by 25 and there’s got to just be better discipline.”

* Senior center Vernon Macklin’s nagging knee problems aren’t going away any time soon. Macklin said his knee stiffened up in the second half, which may have explained his diminished production after scoring 10 of his 12 points in the first half. Donovan held Macklin out of practice on Wednesday. “It’s going to be a battle that we’re going to deal with for a while,” Donovan said. “I don’t know if it’s going to be a whole year long situation but I would definitely say for the next few weeks we’re going to try to find ways to rest him and get him healthy and get him back.”

* Donovan said that freshman forward Casey Prather is going to be a “very, very good” player but didn’t see more minutes against the Buckeyes because of mistakes matching up in the press and on inbounds plays.”(Our freshmen) need to continue to grow and develop,” Donovan said. “Where they are going to grow and develop is for us giving them an opportunity to probably make some mistakes and work through that.”


  1. What’s the chances of Wilbekin seeing more playing time? And is he being discouraged from scoring and encouraged to be a passer at this stage of his development? Also think Young will turn out to be a very good post player.

  2. It was tough to watch the team fall apart in the second half after such an impressive first half. I don’t know what more Billy could have done, because if they had switched to a zone, OSU’s shooters would’ve still killed us. It seems to me in the 2nd half, we got zero penetration from our guards, while OSU’s guards broke us down constantly and just fed the open guys. I hope that doesn’t become a season-long pattern.

  3. Yeah, the Gators did get absolutely shredded on that press, which OSU had absolutely no problem killing. Billy had typical coach’s tunnel vision and failed to adapt by just stopping his patented press in this particular game. It was painful to watch.

  4. Discipline, Billy?
    …More film – okay, good! Check.
    You might also consider more “SUICIDES!”
    Also, will someone tell Erving Walker that when he leaps into the air with the ball with no viable plan or option to do anything productive with it, that no matter what, he will NEVER be able to remedy his predicament at hand by rotating and/or shifting direction like they do in Hollywood gravity-defying martial arts movies,… PLEASE!
    Oh, and please PRACTICE taking advantage of the freebies that every game offers: FREE THROWS!!!!!!!
    Lastly, is Calipari THAT much better than Donovan?!?