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Had a chance to catch up with former Gator hoops icon Corey Brewer during the first day of his Back to Back basketball camp in Gainesville.

Proceeds from the camp will benefit the Corey Brewer Fight Diabetes fund at Shands. Brewer discussed how diabetes has impacted his family in a story that will run in Tuesday’s Gainesville Sun.

But Brewer touched on other topics in his brief Monday press gathering,  including his current NBA career with the Minnesota Timberwolves and his continued friendship with his former Gator teammates.

Here’s some of what Brewer had to say:

On the changes the Minnesota Timberwolves made during the offseason, including acquiring Michael Beasley from the Miami Heat:

“I like that move. I like getting Beasley. I think it’s going to help us. It makes us younger. He’s very athletic. He can really score and we need that. The other moves are pretty good. We just need to add some more pieces. We’re going to be young this year. But we’re going to be fun to watch this year because I feel like we’re going to win some more.”

On Beasley’s off-court issues:

“I’m going to try to stay by his side because, you know, he was in South Beach. South Beach is a little different from Minnesota. So I think we can keep him out of trouble a little bit easier.”

On Minnesota trading Al Jefferson to Utah:

“I thought he was supposed to be the franchise. It was a surprise, but I feel like Mr. (Minnesota GM David)  Kahn he wants to go young, and we’ve got some young pieces. Kevin Love he’s gonna be good for us. Inserting Kevin in for Al, it’s not gonna be a bad move for us.

On Minnesota GM David Kahn being fined for comments about Beasley’s marijuana use:

“I don’t want to say it bothered me, but it’s something you shouldn’t do. He knows he shouldn’t have done it. The organization, we know he shouldn’t have done it. I feel like it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, but things happen sometimes.”

On keeping in touch with former roomates Al Horford, Joakim Noah and Taurean Green:

“It’s still strong. It’s just tougher to stay in touch but we still stay in touch as much as we can. Taurean, now, it’s tough because he’s over in Georgia, the country. But we stay in touch.”

On playing against Noah and Horford in the NBA:

“Those are still fun games because Jo is always talking smack. Last year Jo was pushing me all over the court when the play was over. It’s always fun to play against those guys.”

On talking smack back to Noah:

“I get on him about the ugly jump shot he has. So I always mess with him. But they always give me a hard time. They’ve both been in the playoffs so I gotta make the playoffs. It ain’t looking good for me right now.”

On staying in Minnesota:

“You never know, but I want to. You always want to play for one team, I feel like. I want to play for one team. And I like the people there. Once you’ve been there for like three or four years, it’s like you know everybody, so it’s a good place. I like Minnesota.”

On the moves made in the NBA this offseason, including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh coming together to play for the Miami Heat:

“It’s gonna be crazy, you never now. All of these teams, you can come out and say that you have a good team on paper but you have to go play the games. I think Miami is going to be a good team no matter what because when you have those three guys, you’re gonna be a good team. The Lakers are still the team to beat. Everyone says who do you think is going to win and you’ve got to say the Lakers because they just won it two years in a row and they’ve basically got the same team.”

On the Gators going into next season:

“I still keep in touch with coach (Billy Donovan). I think they’re gonna be better next year. They’ve got the starting five coming back, they’ve got a couple of guys coming in, it’s gonna really help. So I think the Gators are gonna be alright. We’re going to get back on track.”

On the incoming freshmen:

“I’ve seen some practices, Patric (Young) is going to be good. Casey (Prather) from Tennessee, you have to bring some Tennessee boys back here to help us out. He’s a skinny athletic guy. He’s gonna be good for them, I hope.”


  1. Hi – I enjoyed your article on Corey Brewer and his diabetes camp (there was no comment page for that story). One important correction though – near the end, you mention that “Juvenile (type 1) diabetes has increased among youths in the United States due to poor diet and a lack of exercise.” In fact, Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with diet or exercise, and is completely different than Type 2 diabetes.

    Type 2 diabetes is related to exercise, diet, and genes – that is the disease that afflicts Brewer’s parents and the cause he raises money for. Type 1 diabetes is a rarer, more serious disease. Nobody knows what causes it, and those with T1 are insulin-dependent for the rest of their lives. Adam Morrison (Gonzaga –> LA Lakers) and Jay Cutler (QB for the Chicago Bears) are two of the more prominent athletes with Type 1 diabetes. Ray Allen’s son was also diagnosed during the NBA finals a couple years ago. Obviously, none of these people failed to exercise or eat right – T1 diabetes comes out of the blue, often without any family history, and with no known cure. These athletes, along with millions of other volunteers, raise money for Type 1 diabetes via the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF; While Brewer is raising money for a good cause, the disease that affects his parents (the one caused by diet/exercise) is not the same as the Type 1 diabetes that Cutler, Morrison, and I have. Let me know if you have any other questions.