Goodbye, Omaha


Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Steak-burgers. Milkshakes at Zestos. Girls in bars who think you look like “Steve the Pirate” from Dodgeball.

Those are some of the memories I’ll take from covering my first College World Series in Omaha. I just wished it was a longer stay.

It’s clear, though, that Florida was overwhelmed by the stage in its first CWS since 2005. Coach Kevin O’Sullivan’s team was composed of mostly freshmen and sophomores. It’s never a given, but they should be back next year. In three seasons, O’Sullivan has brought the program forward, from getting knocked out of the regionals, to getting knocked out of the Super Regionals to getting knocked out of the CWS.

“We’re disappointed, but we accomplished more than most teams did, to be one of eight teams to get to the College World Series,” O’Sullivan said. “And hopefully we’ll be fortunate enough to come back next year.”

In retrospect, though, Florida may have had too easy of a path to get here. In the regionals, Florida dispatched a No. 2 seed (Oregon State) that had to travel across the country. In the super regionals, Florida dispatched a Miami team that committed nine errors in two games.

Other CWS observations:

— O’Sullivan pushed most of the right buttons this season, but I still have a problem with him moving Matt den Dekker down in the lineup against lefties. I think den Dekker’s .432 on base percentage could have come in handy at the top of the lineup on Monday against FSU. Instead, O’Sullivan moved Josh Adams to the two-hole, and it backfired. Adams went 0-for-3 and reached base just once with a walk. Den Dekker reached base three times, once with a walk and twice after being hit by pitches.

— Alex Panteliodis and Hudson Randall are above-average pitchers, but Florida still lacks a true shut-down ace. Maybe that can be found in recruiting. Or maybe Brian Johnson can develop into that role. Johnson has a strong enough arm and pitched OK in relief Monday, allowing two runs with three strikeouts in 3.1 innings.


  1. You guys are an absolute embarrassment to college baseball. I’m ashamed that my Seminoles had to claim their victory against a bunch of bottom-feeding swamp lizards. Unbelievable that you even made it to the CWS. Have fun in Gainesville trying to defend your pathetic performance.

    Again, it’s a shame that the Seminoles had to play such an inferior team.

    Go Noles!

  2. I’m an FSU fan from Tallahassee, and I don’t generally comment on blogs, but I can’t let Jack speak for the Seminole Nation. He’s a poor sport who reflects badly on our school, and I apologize for him. UF has every reason to be proud of this Gator Baseball Team that had a great year with a very young team. Good luck next year, and, Jack, you need to grow up!

  3. Wow, this is the second straight day we’ve heard from Jack. Sure didn’t hear anything from him during football season. But he’s busy making his comments now so maybe we should just let Jack off for a day so he doesn’t get too tired ’cause the Noles will be coming home themselves soon enough. I’m proud of what the baseball team accomplished this year and if they do get back to Omaha next year, watch out!

  4. To that idoit named Jack,get a life moron.I will root who ever plays against FSU.FSU martin has a wart on his nose for a good reason,he looks like the wicked witch from the west,in fact he isnt green.I hope someone kick those Noles asses and send FSU home.You think you are better,guess what,who’s smarter,we didn’t cheat our college exams and get to play sports,Sorry FSU you the way Gooooo Gators.

  5. Dear TampaDave:

    If you thought Tebow was a crybaby, wait until Ponder gets through with Brantley and compnay. I’m sure Urban will probably have another breakdown/ heart attack after the game and retire from coaching again.

    Dear Rick:

    At least our head coach doesn’t look like an oompa loompa. Coach Sullivan couldn’t get on a ride at Busch Garden even if he was wearing high heels.

  6. Rick, for someone that prides themselves on education, it sure is an eye opener to see they cannot spell. Next use the spell checker (if you know what that is). My suggestion to you is to crawl back into the swamp you came from or find a pool in the neighborhood to cool down your over rated ego. After all the third ranked team was sent home by an unranked nemesis. The word overrated comes into mind. I am sure being a swamp lizard you are familiar with that word.

  7. Many of our programs are having trouble being competitive in the post-season national tournaments.

    The PAC-10 have now whipped us in gymnastics, softball, women’s tennis and baseball.

    Apparently we need to hire some folks from the PAC-10 to come here and run our programs.

  8. Isn’t FSU 3-7 from 2000-present against the Gators .. with FSU losing the last 6 in a row? I’m not a fan of either, I don’t like either FSU or UF – but it seems that a FSU fan who is trying to bow up in saying FSU will win (again, for the 6th time in a row) is basically laughable.

    I guess at some point, the consecutive streak of wins will come to a stop for the Gators vs. FSU, but what real reason do you think it will be this year? Brantley is no joke – if anyone has seen this kid play from his years in high school, to just seeing him during practices and mop up duty last year … the kid can sling it, with touch & accuracy. If anything, I think the Gators offense will be more productive with him under center – yes, I said that. But if you really think about what they can do with this kid in the pocket – they’ll move the chains very easily.

    As for FSU, a team that backed its way into winning the ACC Championship through the losers bracket & the other top teams knocking each other out … you’re beyond the Susan Lucci of College Baseball. Is it really something to make it to the CWS THAT MANY TIMES, without EVER winning it? You want to talk about the ultimate choke artists – you’ve got that down to beyond perfection. Talk about complete inability to close the deal – it’s not really an honor to be the team with the most trips to the CWS without winning it.

  9. Jack, come on. The seminoles do have the superior baseball program, I will give you that. But your program has gone to the CWS like 20 something times and still has not won a title with the talent you guys have had on previous squads. But yet you want to gloat about beating a young team. No wonder you and the lord of no rings “Mike Martin” can not win a baseball title.

  10. Beverly Whiddon:

    This is a serious rivalry here. I get sick of FSU fans like you who go root for our team but don’t really care who wins. Go collect your Social Security check and stay out of my business. All of you old FSU fans just want to sit out in the sun and show off wedding rings and talk about your stupid grandkids. I’m a serious fan. Deal with it, you old battle-ax.


  11. Jack,

    Don’t let your jealousy of Gator Nation overwhelm you.
    Not everybody can be a BCS bowl team, a March Madness team, a WCWS participant, a CWS participant, a track champion, a volleyball elite 8 participant, a big 6 gymnastic participant, top-5 mens and womens tennis teams and a swimming champion, all in the same year…
    … and consider it an AVERAGE YEAR.
    Certainly not FSU, which considers an athletic season half as good as a GREAT year.
    Don’t be hating, Jack, if you just accept that UF is your superior in all things, your stress levels will go down.
    I know the view from back there is always the same, but we can’t all be lead dogs like UF.

  12. Gators had a very good season – if they were truly bottom feeders they wouldn’t have been in Omaha. LIghten up “Jack”.
    I read these comments and find it confusing that in a comment section allegedly centering on baseball, there are so many who can’t get past football season. Neutral, FYI, we ‘re not in football season and this thread is not about football. Alert the press.

    As an FSU graduate, I’ve admired the Gators success across the board in all athletics and would only remind the O&B faithful that they should enjoy each of the different sports at UF and any successes they may have. This is Florida and football will always be king, but success in all of the other sports is what gets us through the rest of the year!

  13. Where is little moron-man Jack now???…lol Come on lil J man! Speak up boy! Where are you now that TCU just sent your sorry excuse for a team home???…9 runs in the 8th inning!!!!…lol You guys had a shot with BASES LOADED at the bottom of the 8th! Can you spell C-H-O-K-E??? Your team sure can, but you are probably not educated enough to do so…lol Jack, Jack, Jack…why are hiding little man?

  14. Nice email Jack. Classy. Nothing to say today? We like to think all the teams here during the CWS belong. Inferior teams don’t show up here.

    You know, years ago some people from FSU were a real treat to be around at the CWS. Two years in a row we enjoyed their company (they had a son on the team). They must not be related to you. Too bad, for you. By the way, you can likely meet your Noles at the airport today. Or maybe you’d prefer to stay home and watch those other “inferior” teams who are still playing.

  15. A note to Jack. As a Gator with many family ties to FSU, I am a fan of both schools. But Jack, seriously, take a breath, find some perspective, and get a life. Sports are for fun and entertainment. Assuming that you are an FSU grad, please do real sports fans, as well as your fine alma mater a favor, and stop embarassing yourself and your family with your inane ranting. You reflect poorly on FSU grads everywhere.