The catch


Florida senior center fielder Matt den Dekker’s name will be forever etched in lore in the last College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium.

The Omaha World-Herald ran a poster-sized photo of den Dekker’s spectacular catch in front of the center field wall. The image shows den Dekker, with his back to the infield, looking up the ball hit by UCLA’s Brett Krill shortly before it lands in his glove.

It rained here most of Sunday morning and afternoon, which pushed the games at Rosenblatt back a few hours. Florida, meanwhile, is in lock-down mode, choosing to close its practices in hopes of better focus on the field against FSU.

Had a chance to go out briefly after Saturday’s loss and found most Omaha natives are not happy about the decision to tear Rosenblatt down. They feel like the event being held at the downtown stadium will create a more corporate, less family-oriented feel to the event. Part of the allure of Rosenblatt, natives contend, is being able to tailgate in the parking lots and front lawns in South Omaha on 10th and 13th streets. The locals that charge for parking will lose out on business.

But the move downtown ensures that Omaha will keep the CWS here through 2035. I’m sure by then, there will be some grumbling if there’s another proposed stadium move. It’s hard to stop progress.


  1. You guys are an absolute embarrassment to college baseball. I’m ashamed that my Seminoles had to claim their victory against a bunch of bottom-feeders. Unbelievable that you even made it to the CWS. Have fun in Gainesville trying to defend your pathetic performance.

    Again, it’s a shame that the Seminoles had to play such an inferior team.

  2. Jack, we feel the same way….. About FSU football, its a shame we can’t schedule a division two school instead. They probably would put up more of a fight. I mean its supposed to be a rivalry game, seems its been a little one sided lately.