Billy D’s birthday


Florida coach Billy Donovan turns 45 on Sunday.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget Donovan’s relative youth considering his longevity in college basketball. He’s coached 14 seasons at Florida and 16 seasons overall (two at Marshall). In 14 seasons at UF, Donovan has won 331 games, fifth-most of any Southeastern Conference basketball coach in history. He has the longest tenure of any coach in the SEC and the sixth-longest tenure of any coach in the country.

Donovan’s two national titles before age 45 are matched only by former Indiana coach Bobby Knight and current Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Here’s a look at some notable college coaches and the national titles they won before age 45:

Coach, Number

Billy Donovan, 2

Bobby Knight, 2

Mike Krzyzewski, 2

Rick Pitino, 1

Tom Izzo, 1

Dean Smith, 0

John Wooden, 0

Jim Boeheim 0

Jim Calhoun 0

Roy Williams 0

Tubby Smith 0

Lute Olsen 0

Gary Williams 0


  1. Uh isn’t it a little late for Coach D to send his whole career at one school, seeing as he coached 2seasons at marshall? Coach D is an amazing coach and an amazing person. I remember the few convos I had with him at bball camps over the years and the info he gave me was just as good for life as it was for bball. I’m glad to have met a man of his caliber and he makes me proud to be a Gator… on a sidenote let’s go Gator baseball and softball and bring home to nat champs. I don’t know how many times 1 school has won both in the same year but if any school could it would only be fitting for it to be UF.

  2. I think Billy was the greatest coaches,that ever coach at the University of Florida,He was better than Norm Sloan,Better than other coaches,He made us win our very first National Championship,after we lost to Duke serval years ago,when we were way ahead and than Duke came back to surprised us,we had our chance,but we blew it.Happy 45th Birthday Billy,keep up the good work.

  3. I agree Billy D is the best…And Florida will never have a basketball coach as good as him. He is an Outstanding coach, and even better person. I am proud to be a Gator when we have such class act coaches the likes of Billy D. Happy Birthday…we are watching from the middle East…proud to serve!