Billly D on 2010 class


Some comments from Florida coach Billy Donovan passed along from the Lakeland Ledger’s Tom Zebold before a speaking engagement in Bartow:

On the additions to UF’s incoming 2010 class, ability to have a big impact:

“That always remains to be seen. You never quite know. I always say recruiting classes always kind of pan out as their careers unfold. When you sign a recruiting class, there’s always a level of excitement and I’m excited about the guys that we signed, and how well they can pan out and contribute right away remains to be seen. But I also think that if you look at it over the long haul, over a four-year period, I think all those guys will make significant contributions along the way of their careers.

“TheĀ  biggest challenge for us has been our backcourt situation. Merely a year or two ago we were really pretty rock solid in the backourt (Calathes, Lucas) … I think there was a lot put on Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton’s plate this year and really the one area that we had to provide some depth was at the point guard spot.”

On Scottie Wilbekin:

“Scottie Wilbekin is a guy that we really have always liked and was a guy that we were going to recruit his senior year. But there was a feeling and some conversation with his parents that he would be interested in graduating early. I think he understands the role we need him to fill with Boynton and Walker. Certainly, it’s a huge challenge for him leaving high school a year early and maybe getting another year under his belt. But I also have great respect and admiration for him that he wants to take on that kind of challenge. He understands coming in he doesn’t need to be All-SEC. He needs to come in and really allow us to play our style and play and contribute, and I think he gives us a little more depth in our backcourt.”


  1. You all keep saying Billy let the best player get away. A player and their parents makes those types of decisions not a coach. A kid has the freedom to play anywhere he wants to of that caliber. Billy D. could have rolled out the red carpet and everything else within the rules and that would not have changed that kid or parents mind if they have their mind set on somewhere else! Quit blaming the coach. Also keep in mind that a lot of coaches such as Calipari among others dont play by the rules and PAY players and family to play until he gets caught and he always does!