Florida’s depth


Florida coach Billy Donovan said following UF’s opening round NCAA Tournament loss to BYU that he needed to do a better job providing depth for his team.

Barring any unforeseen defections or injuries, Florida could enter next season as one of the deepest teams in the Southeastern Conference.

Yes, the Gators are two over the current scholarship limit of 13. But expect Florida to solve the situation by severing ties with Israeli pg Nimrod Tishman and having Adam Allen either transfer or apply for an injury hardship.

That would put UF at 13 scholarship players overall and 12 available for next seasonĀ  (Rutgers pg transfer Mike Rosario has to sit out next season per NCAA rules). Provided Kenny Kadji makes a full recovery from back surgery, the depth chart would look like this:

Center — Vernon Macklin, Kenny Kadji

Power forward — Alex Tyus, Patric Young, Erik Murphy, Cody Larson

Small forward — Chandler Parsons, Will Yeguete

Point guard — Erving Walker, Scottie Wilbekin

Shooting guard — Kenny Boynton, Casey Prather.

Of course, some of the parts are interchangeable. Young, for example, could slide to the backup role at center if Kadji isn’t ready. Prather is versatile and tall enough (6-foot-4 to 6-5) to spell Parsons at small forward. If Florida wanted to go big (and placate Tyus) it could even go with an elephant lineup of Boynton at point guard, 6-9 Parsons at the two guard, 6-8 Tyus at small forward, 6-9 Young at power forward and 6-10 Macklin at center. It would be similar to the big lineup Donovan was able to use in 2007 with Al Horford at center, Chris Richard at power forward, Joakim Noah at small forward, Taurean Green at point guard and Corey Brewer at shooting guard.

In other words, Donovan should have more options next season.


  1. It appears this team continues to lack shooters and a go to scorer in the half court (this could be Boynton if he becomes more consistent). One would have to assume the numbers will allow them to press and run which will offset the lack of shooting range.

  2. I think Billy Donovan is doing a great job with the rebuilding process after the run we had….Man its easy for us to forget back to back national championships…I think another 5 wins next year will get us deep into the tourney……Go gators and I think Tyus coming back with the maturity of Boyton to offset pressure on Walker is going to make us a fun team to watch…..I would rather be us than the hit or miss and done kentucky approach..
    Go gators ….Bob in Jupiter

  3. Young will not play any real minutes at the four for us because he does not have the shooting range or ball skills necessary, similar to Harvey as a freshman (who was much more athletic, I might add, and could at least run our pick and roll game well).

    Otherwise, we are just a few minutes at guard away from having ideal depth.

  4. ALC,

    we’re not going to be the 99-00 team of anything but you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in perimeter shooting. Werner and Shipman’s departures alone will significantly improve our percentage. We’ve now got ideal frontcourt depth to open up shots for the following legitimate perimeter threats…

    Boynton – struggled with his shot most of the season but turned in on late in the year. he ought to be more comfortable as a sophomore.

    Walker – streaky too and seemed to get worse as the year dragged on. backcourt help, more open looks generated by the frontcourt and other perimeter options should make him better.

    Parsons – gotten better every year. no reason to think he won’t again.

    Tyus – shot 40% on limited attempts. you know he’s going to be working on his shooting this summer while trying to improve his SF skills.

    Murphy – got a sweet stroke for a big just he had to play some center as a freshman and unless your name is Matt Bonner, Donovan doesn’t usually let freshmen bigs take threes.

    Wilbekin – absolutely lighting it up from downtown on the AAU circuit. whether that makes him a three point assassin at the college level remains to be seen but at worst he should be able to knock down a wide open attempt (something Werner and Shipman were incapable of).

    Allen – there’s an interview in Florida Today that said if he’s able to play he’s going to go on Bright Futures to make room for Wilbekin. so there’s a possibility we get both. Allen probably wouldn’t likely get more than a few minutes but in those he could light in up.

    Yeguete, Larson (Matt Bonner rule) and Prather can all reportedly knock down threes but I wouldn’t expect it this year.

  5. hey rserina, since when did our PF need to have range past 10 to 15 ft? Billy will play Patric a lot next year. He’s exactly the kind of player Billy loves, and you should expect to see Billy use him alot just from his defense alone.

    I could see Patric more at the 5 next year than the 4, but I wouldn’t say that he won’t get real minutes at the 4. Expect to garner around 20 minutes a game as a freshman.

  6. With solid depth, the Gators will be at least 8 wins better than the previous year. Casey Prather at the shooting guard and Kenny Boyton at the point guard position will be a great 1+2 punch. Patric young and Will Yegute will bring the aggressiveness Florida lacked the last two seasons.

  7. Prather will be the surprise – closer to 6’6″, long wingspan, always stresses defense, great rebounder for his position, very strong for his frame, much better three point shooter than I’d been led to believe…and there are parts of his game that remind me a lot of Glen Rice (if Rice could defend) when I watch him.

    It’s been a while since we’ve had a 2 or a 3 who could both bang the three-pointer AND isolate in the post and overpower his man.