Scholly situation


With forward Alex Tyus’ return for the 2010-11 season, Florida is currently one over its scholarship limit of 13.

That number could increase to two if Gainesville-area standout point guard Scottie Wilbekin signs a letter of intent to join the 2010 class this week.

The Gators ended the 2009-10 season with 11 scholarship players — Vernon Macklin, Alex Tyus, Chandler Parsons, Erving Walker, Kenny Boynton, Ray Shipman, Dan Werner, Erik Murphy, Kenny Kadji, Adam Allen, Rod Tishman.

Florida then lost Werner to graduation and Shipman when he decided to transfer.

Florida coach Billy Donovan then added five players for his 2010-11 class — power forward Patric Young, swingman Casey Prather, forward Will Yeguete, forward/center Cody Larson and Rutgers transfer Mike Rosario. Although Rosario is not eligible to play until 2011-12, he counts towards UF’s scholarship limit.

If Wilbekin signs, Florida would need to shed itself of two scholarship players. Tishman seems like a possible choice to leave because he has returned overseas to play basketball for the Israel amateur national team. But sources close to Tishman have told me that, despite his limited playing time, Tishman enjoyed his freshman year at UF and would like to return.

Another possible transfer candidate is Allen, who has missed the last two seasons following three knee surgeries. It’s been a terrible run of bad luck for a player that could have really helped the Gators the past two seasons because of his perimeter shooting ability.

Allen admitted last season he wasn’t sure if he would be able to compete at the SEC level again and discussed the possibility of transferring with UF coach Billy Donovan last summer.


  1. That figures, the one time we keep a guy from going pro, we don’t have enough scholarships for everybody! Better than the last couple years and only having 9-10 healthy bodies in there though. I’d hate to see Adam Allen go, he’s been through so much, and I loved his grit when he was able to play. I’d love to see him make it back and contribute to the Gators, but it seems like the numbers may be working against him. Any way we can convince Wilbekin to hold off until 2011?

  2. The problem is UF need guards next year, so Wilbekin was pushing to get there to get immediate playing time. With Rosario eligible in 2011, and Beal (and maybe Rivers, maybe even more guards?) coming in the 2011 class, we won’t need the guards so much then. Wilbekin’s best chance to establish himself for the rotation might be to get there now for next year. If Allen or Tishman aren’t seen as legit SEC help at guard next year, it is in the team’s best interest for one to go and Wilbekin to enroll by fall.

  3. It sounds to me like Adam Allen is gonna be the odd man out. Tishman was really only signed for depth purposes last year and i dont ever really expect him to start at PG for us, i dont think BD is gonna run the kid out of town after what was basically a redshirt year. Maybe Billy wasnt expecting Tyus to come back when he started pursuing Wilbekin. Worst case scenario Wilbekin signs with us next year, clearly Billy really likes this kid as a PG in our up-tempo system to try and get him to graduate early and come play for him. Whatever ends up happening i will trust BD’s judgement i think he has earned the right to do just about whatever he feels will help our program out.

  4. Tyus return alone will cost us Wilby. I know the dude. He was going to be there before the fall. He is a great player. With Tyus return he more than likely will move on. Playing for UF was a dream but dude can’t wait forever. I hope commits anyway but I would be shocked.

  5. Tim

    One poster wrote “you might as well not count Tishman and Parsons”. Im assuming he was referring to the player, not the band. Not sure if he just made a mistake or something happened Im not aware of.

  6. The writing on the wall is we sign a High School athlete that was suspended part of his senior year on some type of drug involvement according to the headline just above this blog. So they took action and sought suspension a sign of good accountablity standards. Yet we sign him…am I reading this correctly?? WOW

  7. That kid had a prescription for pain medicine after he broke his ankle. He’s being charged with giving one to a friend. I can see it now: “Dude, these pills are freaky. Make you feel all spacey. Here, try one.”

    Hardly the same thing as dealing coke, don’t you think? Probably didn’t even know it was illegal.

    He was suspended because there was a big investigation at his school over drugs, and they evidently made an example out of him.

    In any event, he is most likely going to have pre-trial intervention, and will probably have to do some community service.

    Kid made a mistake, that’s all. Lighten up.

  8. Sorry but label on prescrition states of illegal transfer. So yes he DID know it was illegal. Also, sorry to hear that he was apparently “hawkeye bound” at that time. Didn’t matter to him. Risked it anyway. Jersey meant nothing. You seem to be missing the whole point here.