Billy D on Fredette


Florida coach Billy Donovan watched some film of BYU shortly after he learned the Cougars were UF’s  NCAA opponent.

Donovan came away most impressed with  point guard Jimmer Fredette, BYU’s leading scorer at 21.7 ppg.

“We’ve seen two great point guards in our league in (South Carolina’s Devan) Downey and (Kentucky’s John) Wall, and I’m not so sure those two guys can have the impact in a game like this guy can,” Donovan said. “He goes to Arizona and gets, I think, 49. In the first round of the conference tournament  he gets 45. He is an unbelievable player and they obviously have a lot of  good pieces around him who are very good players.”

While Fredette is a 44.8 percent 3-point shooter, he’sas adept taking the ball to the basket. In BYU’s first round Mountain West Conference Tournament win against TCU, Fredette went to the foul line 24 times, making 23.

“That’s something that’s unheard of,” Donovan said.


  1. A couple suggestions, which I’m sure Donovan will think of. Fist, play man to man defense all the way, and throw Ray Shipman on this guy often. Secondly, whoever Fredette is guarding on the defensive end, he should go at him as often as possible. Wear him down.

    A good job by the coach getting this team into the tourney. It’s not as skilled or deep as the last two years, and shoots a lot of bricks, but it does have grit and heart, which was sorely lacking last year.

  2. Donovan has been developing a lot of tools all season. Shipman and Murphy now look more valuable than ever. Mississippi State actually had to double team Macklin because of his offensive threat. Boynton’s slashing skills and quickness are far more impressive now than at the first of the year.
    Losing in the first round of the SEC Tournament actually gave them a physical break they badly needed.

    Did everything just fall into place at the right time?

  3. Update for G Growl: Gators actually won in the first round of the SEC tourney, and lost in the second round. However, your point has some merit. In regards to Boynton’s slashing skills, he needs to use these more, as his outside shot, as well as shot selection, leaves much to be desired. Maybe Donovan could hire Lee Humphrey as a shooting coach for some of these guys. Lord knows they could use the help.

  4. I’m excited at what Boynton might look like as a soph. His release and shot can use some work and tons of reps, so I think he’ll be a more complete offensive player in year 2. His shot selection needs to improve as well. If he gets any space, he is almost guaranteed to take a 3 after the other team hits one. His defensive effort has been a pleasant surprise, though.