Short vs. Long Rest


It’s been somewhat of a quirky season for Florida.

But if the Gators have proved anything, it’s that less time between games has equaled better results.

Florida is 5-0 in this season when having two days or less to prepare for an opponent. When having four or more days between games, the Gators are 5-5.

Florida has won six of its nine Southeastern Conference games this season on Thursday-Saturday turnarounds. Granted, five of those six wins came against the weaker SEC West. But Florida also looked much sharper going in the road and beating Ole Miss off a game against Auburn then it did a week later going to Georgia after a Tuesday game against Tennessee.

Florida coach Billy Donovan doesn’t buy into the theory that his team plays better on short rest. Florida junior forward Chandler Parsons, likewise, didn’t have an explanation for it.

“I wish I could tell you,” Parsons said. “It shouldn’t really matter how much rest you have. Obviously, you are not going to get tired with longer rest, you have more legs. But playing Thursday-Saturdays I don’t think fazes us. It’s what we do growing up, playing AAU three games a day.”

If the trend holds up, it doesn’t bode well for Florida’s chances Sunday against No. 3 Kentucky. But it will come in handy the following week when Florida plays in the SEC Tournament and there is only a day between games (provided Florida wins in the first round).

Of course, Florida’s first two opponents in the tournament will come against the SEC West.  The Gators went 6-0 against the west division in the regular season. Again, another positive trend for UF.


  1. I have watched a lot of the gators games and the one thing I see is that walker should not be the starting point guard; boynton should be. Walker should be the 2 guard or spell boynton at the point or shipman (he has come on the last few games like murphey has). A point guard has to be able to drive the ball and either dish or shoot and walker size prevents this consistantly. Boynton is very creative around the hoop and it at least able to put pressure on the defensive without getting his shot swatted. Walker seems to me to wear down late in games and starts making too many mistakes. I think taking him off the point so much would allow him to conserve his energy and take the pressure off of him to create offense for everyone else. We need walker to hit shots, not set other players up for theirs.

    Side note. To beat kentucky you have to make wall stay out of the 10 foot radius around the hoop and make him shoot jumpers. His shot is terrible and he scores the majority of his points on the break and at the foul line off of a break. Bledsoe is the shooter and he needs attention on the perimeter, not wall.