Werner’s big day


Florida senior Dan Werner will be honored before Tuesday night’s regular-season home finale against Vanderbilt as part of Senior Day festivities.

The timing is somewhat awkward, considering Werner failed to pull the trigger on a shot in the closing seconds of a critical 78-76 loss last Saturday at Georgia. Werner instead attempted a pass to center Vernon Macklin underneath the basket that was knocked out of bounds with 0.1 seconds remaining. Had the pass made it through, it was still unclear if Macklin would have had enough time to get the shot up.

Werner addressed the media Monday.

“As far as the last play, it happened so fast,” Werner said. “When I got the ball, I thought there was a little more time left. I really didn’t know how much time was left and I was about to shoot it and I saw Vernon’s man run out. I see my teammate wide open under the basket, I’m going to pass it. Obviously, if I had it to do over again, I would shoot it. You can’t change that. You just worry about Vanderbilt.”

Asked if he was afraid to shoot the ball due to his career-long perimeter struggles, Werner responded: “Not at all. When I am out there I am cognisant of stuff and I take into account score, time, what other teams are doing. If they are on a run, I’m not going to come down there, catch the ball with 30 seconds on the shot clock and bomb one up. I’m always thinking about that stuff. It has nothing to do about being afraid of shooting it. It’s just maybe not what’s best for the team at the time.”

Werner also said he’s been seeing a sports psychologist, Miconopy-based Dr. Jim Burrell, since January on the recommendation of Florida coach Billy Donovan. Werner said Burrell has tried to stress the positives in his game.

“He’s told me that people around you,  it doesn’t matter what they think or say,” Werner said. “In the end it’s just a game, just to go out and have fun.”


  1. So, on one hand “…I thought there was a little more time left. I really didn’t know how much time was left…” But on the other hand, “…When I’m out there I am cognisant of stuff and I take into account score, time…”

    Okaaaaay, yeaaaaaaah. Dan, start brushing up on TPS reports.

  2. I don’t think I have ever been so glad to see someone graduate. The past two years have been torture. Watching someone who can’t play defense, continually lets his man go around him, and was never a great shooter but apparently has lost his shot all together now. The fact that he has taken more charges than anyone on the team must mean that he guessed right a few times. It’s obvious that when he did lose his starting role the team got much better and actually started winning the games they have lost in the past. Good riddence.

  3. So long Dan! Thanks for the agonizing chore of having to watch you over the past years. I’m so sick of watching mediocre people score in your face. Hint: If you put your hands up you may block a shot instead of trying to take a charge on every play. How many games did this guy cost us? The world may never know…..

  4. Once again Dan, Thanks! In your last game that couldn’t have come soon enough, you cost us the game again! On senior day with your family there. Not only did you get schooled, but you somehow figured out how to SCORE A BASKET FOR THE OTHER TEAM!!! Great skills pal,,,,What a waste of a scholarship!! YOU STINK!

  5. Two things:

    1. Dan Werner gave 100% all the time. You can’t ask for more.

    2. It isn’t Dan’s fault that we’ve recruited so poorly over the past few years that we need him on the floor for 20 minutes a game.

  6. Thanks for all the effort, Dan, over the years. Everyone would like to win an NC every year, but that is not reality.

    For those who knock you, shame on them. I’m sure everyone of them played Div. 1 hoops, so, don’t they know what they are talking about? Yeah, right!

    Paul, grow up!

  7. I have watched a lot of the gators games and the one thing I see is that walker should not be the starting point guard; boynton should be. Walker should be the 2 guard or spell boynton at the point or shipman (he has come on the last few games like murphey has). A point guard has to be able to drive the ball and either dish or shoot and walker size prevents this consistantly. Boynton is very creative around the hoop and it at least able to put pressure on the defensive without getting his shot swatted. Walker seems to me to wear down late in games and starts making too many mistakes. I think taking him off the point so much would allow him to conserve his energy and take the pressure off of him to create offense for everyone else. We need walker to hit shots, not set other players up for theirs.

    Side note. To beat kentucky you have to make wall stay out of the 10 foot radius around the hoop and make him shoot jumpers. His shot is terrible and he scores the majority of his points on the break and at the foul line off of a break. Bledsoe is the shooter and he needs attention on the perimeter, not wall.

  8. Dan Werner suck’s and the rest of the whit boys on the gators, we will not win until Bill d go get some bill black boys. Bill the day of the white set shot shooting boys is gone Bill. If you want to win, go get some black booys!

    As for Walker he is the best shooter on the gators I personly wish we had another walker in no shot dan spot!

    Bill please go get some bill black boys. This is not golf, look at ky tenn ku and the rest of the top ten!