Gators-S. Alabama TV


Florida’s game against South Alabama will be televised in the Gainesville area to a limited audience.

It’s on a 7 p.m. on Cox Sports TV, which is channel 259. But that channel is not on standard cable. It’s only on digital cable and it’s only available to customers who subscribe to Cox’s “sports and information tier.”

For more information or to order the digital tier, call Cox Cable customer service at (888) 269-9693.


  1. Observations on last night’s defeat to USA –
    1. Talent – USA appeared to have more talent.
    2. Rebounding – we were out worked and out hustled around the basket by USA (Gator players were standing and watching the winning put back by USA).
    3. Finishing shots – Gators seemed more interested in drawing the foul (a la Calathes) than going strong and finishing inside shots around the basket.
    4. Negative play of the game (other than the failure to block out at the end) – down 6 late, pass to Werner in corner, but instead of taking the wide open 3, he steps inside the 3 point line and attempts a pass inside directly to a USA player for a turnover.