Boynton’s shot selection


Florida freshman guard Kenny Boynton has displayed flashes of his McDonald’s All-American ability through the first 10 games this season.

But it’s also been a struggle for Boynton to get on track from the perimeter. Boynton is shooting 37 percent from the floor and 21.9 percent from 3-point range.

In the closing minutes Florida’s 56-53 loss to Richmond, Boynton took a quick 3-point attempt in an effort to answer a big 3-pointer from Richmond’s David Gonzalvez. It clanked off the iron, capping an 0-for-6 shooting night from beyond the arc.

The rushed shot was an example of Boynton’s freshman growing pains.

“Kenny may have taken some bad shots, but I think the same thing can be said of the rest of our team,” Florida coach Billy Donovan said. “Guys are going to have ups and downs. He’s got to have the freedom to take good shots, to take unchallenged shots.”

Boynton’s  form is somewhat unconventional,  he brings the ball high over his head in his release and darts line drives toward the basket. But Donovan has not been one  to tinker with a shooter’s form during the season. During Joakim Noah’s three-year career, Donovan chose to allow Noah to maintain his chest-high side-winding delivery because Noah was most comfortable shooting that way.

Donovan said he is giving Boynton more rope with his shot selection because of his willingness to play hard on defense and provide valuable minutes backing up Erving Walker at point guard.

“He and Erving Walker, when you look at it, are our only two guys on our team right now with a positive assist-to-turnover ratio,” Donovan said. “You want to maintain a guy’s aggressiveness because sometimes guys like (Kenny) can get on streaks for you. As long as he’s taking good shots, then I’m OK with that.”


  1. Watching the Richmond game Saturday was painful, and looked alarmingly like last season; poor passing, weak rebounding, and attrocious free throw shooting. But the key as I see it continues to be the lack of leadership at crunch time. No one willing to take the big shot, probably due to the fact that there is no one able to consistently make it. Richmond is a decent team, but when you blow a 13 point lead in what was essentially a home game, and score 17 second half points while shooting bricks from everywhere, Donovan has some serious work ahead of him with this group.

  2. After last nights mind numbing loss to S Alabama, my comments from yesterday remain right on the mark. I can’t help but wonder if Donovan is the same coach since his short lived foray into the NBA. I don’t see the passion and execution of even his early Gator teams. If this team has lost focus before the SEC schedule even starts, then even the NIT is unlikely. No doubt that he made UF basketball what is, but is the fire still there?

  3. I think this team is a team of second tier players at best, they clearly are not of the same caliber as some of Donovan’s past teams, even the teams that featured freshman players as Dupay, J. Hamilton, Miller, Haslem and then Roberson and Walsh, and of course the 04’s. This team misses Calathes a lot more than anticipated and the front line is just not physical enough on the boards and the back court is simply not good enough and they (Boynton & Walker) are just not good shooters and the lack of leadership on this team along with all the previously mention things, will be this team’s undoing this season. Right now the NIT doesn’t appear to be in this team’s future.

  4. Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten spoiled by Billy’s past teams. This group has great potential to play disrupting defense, with Walker, Boynton, Shipman and Parsons on the perimeter. Unfortunately, they’re all streak shooters, so we’re gonna have games like Michigan State and FSU where we look great, and games like Richmond where we look like bricklayers. I think they need to concentrate on inside-out offense, with getting it in to Tyus and Macklin first, then out to the perimeter. Those guys can score inside. Also, is it time to see what Tishman can do? He can’t shoot any worse than his teammates!