Final thoughts on Tyus


The Alex Tyus about-face brings to mind another Florida episode two years ago. I guess you can never say never. Think Gainesville isn’t magnetic? First, Billy Donovan chooses to come back to coach Florida after a six-day stint with the Orlando Magic in 2007. Then, Tyus is welcomed back to the program with open arms after an 11-day hiatus. I’m sure that Billy’s prior experience entered his mind in allowing Tyus to come back, that people are entitled to change their mind.

Where does Tyus fit next season? There were some rumblings that Tyus chose to leave in the first place because he wanted to face the basket more and play small forward. While Tyus showed an improved mid-range perimeter jumper as a sophomore, I don’t know if he could consistently guard well enough to play on the wing. But I have to admit, a starting frontcourt of Vernon Macklin, Dan Werner and Alex Tyus would be intriguing. It would provide some needed size to match opposing Southeastern Conference teams up front.