Tyus’ comments


Here are some comments that former Florida sophomore center Alex Tyus placed on his Facebook page about an hour ago regarding his decision to transfer Friday. In it, Tyus said his grades were good and that it didn’t have to do with following his girlfriend, former Gator volleyball player Alli Cecchini, who is leaving campus to return to her native California. Instead, Tyus says it’s about having the chance to “become the best basketball player he can become.”

Here’s the verbatim comment from Tyus: “Going to miss Gainesville, had a great time I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. For everyone to know, I decided to transfer because I did not feel I was going to get the opportunity to become the best basketball player I can be, along with a few other basketball factors. Grades are good, not because of Alli, everything is great for her. I will find somewhere that fits me better for basketball.”