Postcard from S.C.


There are three certainties in life – death, taxes and construction on Georgia highways. Whether it’s I-75 or I-95, it always seems like you are running into those annoying work zones and orange cones. So before I hit the road back to Gainesville, some musings from the Palmetto State:

* It’s easy to lay the blame on Florida junior Dan Werner for his last-second gaffe, but coaching staffs get paid hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to prepare for worst-case scenarios. In that situation, some coaches choose to take all of their defenders off the free-throw line to protect the basket. I’m sure it’s something that Billy D may re-evaluate if one of his teams is in that situation again. To use a football analogy, it’s like getting beat on one-on-one coverage on a hail mary pass.

* Donovan explained he didn’t call a timeout before Parsons stepped to the free-throw line because he didn’t want to ice him, comparing it to icing a place-kicker in the closing seconds. “I just thought in the normal rhythm of the game, it’s easier to step to the line and make the shot,” Donovan said.

* Poor free-throw shooting finally caught up to Florida on Wednesday. The Gators were 9-for-15 from the line and twice failed to make the front-end of one-and-ones in the final 13.3 seconds. Florida came into Wednesday night shooting 67.8 percent from the line and had shot 66.7 percent from the line in SEC play.

* First-year coach Darrin Horn has South Carolina playing as hard as the Gamecocks ever did under Dave Odom.

* Perhaps karma finally caught up to Florida here. Florida had won four of its previous five meetings at the Colonial Center by three points or less. It would have been another great escape had Florida closed out the game in the final seconds.