Penny for a rebound


After analyzing the film of Florida’s 78-68 win over Ole Miss, UF coach Billy Donovan said the guards were as much to blame for the team’s rebounding woes as the frontcourt.

Florida was outrebounded 46-22 by the Rebels. Donovan said because the
Ole Miss guards consistently beat Florida off the dribble, it forced
frontcourt players to step up and help on defense in an effort to
protect the basket.

“Our guards have to do a better job rotating down to rebounders that are left open either in the middle of the lane or on the weak side,” Donovan said. “Nick Calathes had seven rebounds in the game and that’s great from the point guard spot but in retrospect he probably should have had 12 or 13 because he needs to get down inside and rotationally block out.

“I think part of the problem is our guys don’t quite see the play developing in the middle of the play, they kind of react after the play. Hopefully through practice we can put them through those situations.”

— It’s clear that the bloom is off the rose for Vernon Macklin. Macklin, a 6-foot-10, 240 pound transfer center from Georgetown, didn’t escape the wrath of Donovan following Florida’s shabby rebounding performance against the Rebels. “I told him during the game on the bench, this wouldn’t be happening if you were laying out guys on the floor in practice,” Donovan said. Macklin won’t be eligible to play at UF until next season, but it doesn’t sound as if Donovan is overly enamored with the former McDonald’s All-American. “Believe me, he’s not the answer by any stretch,” Donovan said. “But I think he’s a guy who could help us.”