Fricke’s injury


Walk-on Hudson Fricke’s two broken wrists occurred when a 95-pound weight caused an exercise ball to burst.

In confirming the nature of the accident, Florida coach Billy Donovan was emotional, saying Fricke had mentioned he was thankful it was him and not junior forward Dan Werner, who was up next in the drill.

“A guy with two broken wrists to make a comment like
that may have been one of the greatest acts of unselfishness I’ve ever
seen in terms of somebody not one bit focused on themselves but focused
on the team,” Donovan said. “And for him to even make a comment or
statement like that really took me back and brought tears to my eyes
… That’s one of those stories you will tell the rest of your life.”

Other talking points:
On freshman Ray Shipman playing just one minute against
Washington — “I really want him to play more,” Donovan said, noting
that freshman Allan Chaney and Chandler Parsons are ahead ofShipman at
the small forward spot. “I think for Ray a lot of it is getting a grasp
on what we’re doing. There are times where he’s out there and he’s
unsure where he’s supposed to go, what he’s supposed to do.”
On Chandler Parsons’ shooting problems — “We’re hopeful that he
can become a better shooter. That’s what we’re hopeful for. And for him
to do that he’s got to work out some things mechanically that he’s very
lazy at, doesn’t focus on. He’s not great with his lower body, he’s
very loose with his lower body, doesn’t get his knees in his shot like
he needs to, doesn’t drive his legs. There are a lot things he needs to
do to be shot ready A lot of the time he’s so consumed with seeing the
ball go through the net instead of preparing himself to have that
happen, but I think he’s in the gym, he’s doing extra shooting, he
tries, he’s concerned, he wants to help.”

Here are the projected starting lineups for Florida’s
game Sunday in Orlando against Missouri-Kansas City. Note that Florida
freshman Allan Chaney remains in the starting lineup over Parsons
following his 13-point, 3-rebound effort against Washington

G — Nick Calalathes, 6-6
G — Walter Hodge, 6-0
F — Allan Chaney, 6-8
F — Dan Werner, 6-8
C — Alex Tyus, 6-8
G — Reggie Hamilton, 6-0
G — Dustin Dribble, 6-4
F — Dane Brumangin, 6-4
F — Latreze Mushatt, 6-5
F — Spencer Johnson, 6-6
Despite their lack of size, Donovan is concerned about the
Kangaroos (pretty cool nickname, by the way) because of their shooting
ability and multiple defenses. Donovan said he expects Florida to see
some man, zone and even some 1-3-1 on Sunday afternoon. Like Florida,UMKC
beat Bradley earlier this season and were up on Kansas by seven points
in the first half before fading late. So it has potential to be an
interesting game.