Postcard from Kansas City


Had a chance to venture around Kansas City a bit on Sunday because my flight arrived early. It’s really a quaint downtown area filled with fountains and marble and brick buildings. The downtown hotel is about four blocks from the Sprint Center, where the Gators will face Syracuse later tonight. There’s a decent sports bar across the street from the arena called McFadden’s, where I watched some NFL games Sunday. Most of the Chiefs fans I ran into at the sports bar were disgusted with Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards, who apparently no longer plays to win the game. From there, I had a chance to go to a steakhouse called The Majestic to hear some live jazz. Kansas City is considered one of the cradles of American jazz, and the band I saw, “The Scamps,” didn’t disappoint. They started their set with the song “Kansas City,” which Fats Domino made a classic. Another decent number was “When I Fall in Love.” I had a chance to talk with the band after the set, and they asked if I played any instruments. I told them I didn’t, but did sing karaoke on occasion. They asked if I wanted to sing a song, but I thought better of it. I mean, it’s one thing to go out and belt an 80s tune in front of a half-inebriated audience. It’s another to sing jazz in front of people buying $30 steaks. Maybe next time.