Calathes on Boynton


Here’s what Florida sophomore guard Nick Calathes had to say about the signing of guard Kenny Boynton and whether he looked forward to possibly playing with Boynton next season.

“He’s a heckuva player,” Calathes said. “I think he was like No. 6 in the country or something like that. He’s going to be a big help for us. I definitely look forward to it, but I think I’m more focused on this season. Then after this season, we’ll talk about that.”

Of course, that statement doesn’t close the door on the chance that Calathes will leave after his sophomore season for the NBA draft.

What does the league think of Calathes?

Opinions are mixed. Some scouts and personnel directors love his court vision and deep range, which he displayed in his first-half, buzzer-beating 3-pointer against Bradley. Others question his foot speed and athletic ability (for example, we have yet to see the 6-foot-6 Calathes dunk in a game.)

If Calathes returns for his junior year, you could have a potential lineup of Calathes and Boynton in the backcourt with a legitimate post threat (Geogetown transfer Vernon Macklin). With enough quality role players supporting them, that’s a team that could make a realistic Final Four run.