Werner knows Knowshon


Before Florida faces Georgia in football Saturday afternoon at
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, coach Urban Meyer could pay a visit to
the basketball facility for some inside information.

UF junior forward Dan Werner played on the same eighth-grade
youth football team with star Georgia tailback Knowshon Moreno in
Middletown, N.J. – the Middletown Eagles.

Werner was a 5-foot-10 quarterback on the team. Moreno played on both sides of the ball.
Werner recalled one scrimmage when Moreno was particularly disruptive.
“He was playing nose guard, they were hiking the ball and handing it
off to the running back he was tackling the quarterback before the
handoff,” Werner said. “It happened in like three straight plays, so
the coach said you had to move him out of position or we’ve got to end
this scrimmage because we can’t run anything.

“He was a super kid, really nice guy, funny to be around. He actually had dreadlocks then, so he looked a little different.”
Werner and Moreno would have played on the same high school football
team (Middletown South) had he gone to public school. But at the urging
of his dad, Werner went to a private school, Christian Brothers Academy
in Long Branch, N.J., for academic reasons.
Despite a growth spurt to 6-foot-4 his freshman year, Werner never got
a chance to showcase his size on the football field because his high
school didn’t play football.
“I played for seven years so my freshman year in high school I missed
it a lot,” Werner said. “High school football would come around, the
weather would change and you would miss it. I would just stay in the
gym and work on basketball.”
Werner did face the 5-foot-11 Moreno in high school basketball games, when Christian Brothers faced Middletown South.
“He’s a great athlete,” Werner said. “He could jump out of the gym. He could come down on dunk on someone.”
As for any advice to stop Moreno on the football field? ” “I never had
to tackle him so I couldn’t tell you,” Werner said. “They know a lot
more than I do.”