Billy on Lute


Florida coach Billy Donovan weighed in on Arizona coach Lute Olsen’s retirement after 34 years as a head coach in college basketball:

“He built it into an incredible program over a 25-year period and that’s a long time for what he’s done. And I think when you do that, you kind of go out how you would like to go out. I think for him there were some health issues, there were some family issues for whatever reason it’s not right for him to continue on and I just hope he’s at peace with where he’s at with his decision because I think what he did for Arizona basketball has got to be considered one of the greatest building jobs and maintenance jobs of all time.”

For perspective, Olsen led Arizona to one national title and four Final Fours in a 25-year period. In 12 years, Donovan has led Florida to three Final Fours and two national titles.