More on Calathes


While Florida guard Nick Calathes embarks for Greece on Saturday for a tremendous opportunity, the downside is that he will miss spending the second summer session with his UF basketball teammates.
It’s raised the point as to whether Florida will benefit next season if Calathes plays in the Olympics for Greece this August. On the plus side, Calathes will face elite international competition, which could only improve his game. The potential negatives include fatigue going into next fall and missing the chance to bond with his teammates.
Florida coach Billy Donovan stressed the importance of his team bonding during the offseason following April’s NIT loss to UMass. He also was looking for Calathes, his most consistent player last season, to emerge as more of a leader.
“I always want to be with the guys, play with the guys,” Calathes said. “It’s our team. It’s a family. But I asked them all and they all said they would do it, too, if they were in that situation. I asked them first and I definitely asked Coach Donovan first and he said it would be a great opportunity for me.”
Calathes said he’s tried to gather the team for pickup games this spring and become more of a vocal presence.
“As far as taking the leadership role I’ve tried to help the guys out, but I think we all know what it’s going to take because we’ve been through it last year,” Calathes said. “We don’t want that same thing to happen.”