NCAA Tourney picks


I entered two NCAA Tournament brackets this season. Here’s a look at my mix of picks from both brackets, or what I really think is going to happen:

Round of 32

Memphis, Mississippi State, Temple, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, Texas, UCLA, BYU, Drake, UConn, Purdue, Xavier, West Virginia, Duke, Georgetown, Davidson, Wisconsin, USC, Siena, Clemson, UNLV, Kansas, Tennessee, Butler, Louisville, St. Joseph’s, Winthrop, Notre Dame, Arkansas, North Carolina

Sweet 16

North Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Clemson, USC, Georgetown, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, Drake, Purdue, West Virginia

Elite Eight
North Carolina, Tennessee, Clemson, Georgetown, Memphis, Texas, UCLA, Purdue

Final Four

North Carolina, Georgetown, Texas, UCLA

National Championship

North Carolina 73, UCLA 70

Biggest Upsets:

No. 13 Winthrop over No. 4 Washington State; No. 12 Temple over No. 5 Michigan State; No. 13 Siena over No. 4 Vanderbilt; No. 11 St. Joseph’s over No. 6 Oklahoma.